1. jake224

    Deagle ACE

  2. jake224

    Mirage p250 clip

  3. jake224


    @Vazk3 I tried dlights and esp 2 binded to 'E' and improved my way of peeking.
  4. jake224


    Is this better quality than my other videos?
  5. jake224

    Dust2 Fragshow

  6. jake224


  7. jake224

    Setting Showcase

    Live gameplay recorded through OBS 128tick not a demo. These settings were made with the intentions for Streaming. Feedback would be appreciated. RESOLUTION: 1920x1080 MC: ON RAW-INPUT: OFF SENSITVITY: 3 DEAGLE/USP-S/AK-47
  8. jake224

    MM gameplay against a waller and a deagle clip

  9. Back to CS:GO but not as good

    Back to CS:GO but not as good

  10. Plisskien

    What do you think about this edit?

    I need to share video in this form otherwise it doesn't work, sorry. Link to video What do you think I could change or improve? What do you like or dislike? Let me know what do you think.
  11. Resolved

    INSANE LeagueCheats Monster-Edit| By Ex0Dus

    This Cool edit was made by @Ducklord Sorry if the edit was very short but he made this from one game we had against blatant cheaters. Edit: Also when he sent it to me he accidentally cut off the last clip
  12. pikachu

    Destroying noobs - LC power <3

    I hope you enjoy. HDD wiped now. I will come with more clips as soon as I come back to play :p I don't use ESP or triggerbot.
  13. pikachu

    Just some clips

    Hey all, Just some random clips I had on my HDD and since I am cleaning it I decided to post some of them. :p Have fun.
  14. jake224

    MM Highlights [Mirage]

  15. pikachu

    [Official] Frag clip contest - Win free LC Sub Days! (No edit needed!)

    Hey all, I am happy to announce a frag clip contest! Submit your best frag clip (or clips) here and try to be one of the three or five lucky people to win free LeagueCheats days and also be in our next official fragmovie video! We will be rewarding the three best clips in the community. If we...
  16. Resolved

    Is this sorta content any good?

    In these past weeks ive been trying to find my footing as a legit cheating ytber. I want to make content that is enjoyable but isnt too cliche and makes me unique as an indivual. If possible please leave me feedback here or on the video on what content I should do in future videos I will also...
  17. Resolved

    Is this Dawn doing LC proud?

    I saw this video and it made me wonder is this Leaguecheats DAWN? @Dawnyy If so great job
  18. Dawnyy


  19. Resolved

    Who the fuck is DreadHours? (Frag Edit)

  20. Resolved

    How Subroza Really Plays Csgo

    Just a little edit I made today for my channel as a sort of introduction to my knife cheating series but more as a joke/meme parody of the video "Subroza movie". Hopefully nobody hates it too much :p