1. Get_Right


    hi guys i need to know about 40$ gc ... any eta?
  2. Kin

    [Filipino] Other Language Support

    @luobo666 I can see you are a filipino. If you speak filipino, I can help you here. Comment your questions.
  3. W

    Faceit Announcement?

    I've been a long time customer, and I am waiting for the Faceit bypass to be released. Will there be some sort of announcement? I don't plan on buying a sub until the bypass is released, so I am not able to see the discussion about the Faceit thread. Any information is helpful, thanks.
  4. A


    i want to buy csgo cheat from this site. and i have a few questions. I can play with this cheat on FACEIT? What cheat do u recomend?
  5. X

    League and non Leauge differenties

    I would like to play FaceIT and MM on CSGO. And i saw many videos of leaguecheats and decided to buy one but what is the difference between league and non league cheats? And 1 more question is, why does it cost 90 dollars for pro setup? Is this cheat that difficult to set?
  6. N

    important questions? guess

    Hey. I have been out of this site for many months, now I got back and I have few questions 1) Did LC 3.0 get released? When I last used this site, it was LC 2.5 2) Do you still have to disable multicore rendering to make it work? 3) Can you use m_rawinput 1? Thanks Thankkss!
  7. Andre Oliveira

    Any new features we can use on gamers club servers

    I would like to know if it can already be used inside the servers of the gamers club, I would like to buy to be able to play inside the servers ... already released, already tested in gamers club, some news
  8. SkaryPlaysFaceit


  9. Nobody

    Questions about EAC & more.

    I am a competitive CS league player who has never cheated and recently I've decided to give it a shot, the reason i'm going to most likely use your website is because you say you are EAC proof and also because your aimbot is said to be very realistic. My questions are: 1. Is it 100% EAC proof...
  10. angrytestie

    eac questions

    is support? if the aimbot works in eac?
  11. mins13

    You can then play?

    here you can play? Anti cheat: