1. H

    HL2 Multi

    HL2 Multi
  2. H

    HL1 League Multi

    HL1 League Multi
  3. H

    CSGO League Multi 3.6

    Our ultimate CSGO hack for normal Matchmaking and Basic Leagues.
  4. mph3xn

    About hl2 hack

    hi lc community. when was last updated hl2(cs:source) hack? can you add a new functionality, eg: best bone, recoil after, aim time, sound esp/sonar esp(or you have already added under the name - sequence esp??), visible esp, WEAPONCONFIG, etc. ? and how well your cheat bypasses SMAC and any...
  5. C

    If i haven't Inject ?

    If i haven't inject cheat can i get banned from Face It Client or Esea ?
  6. S


    Can the aimbot and RCS be used together, at the same time, without any conflict between the two. For instance, midway through a spray, the aimbot messing with your shot. Also, is the aimbot slower than legit aim at all? I'm considering buying the cheat, but I'm in doubt as to whether the aimbot...
  7. L


    Could anyone help me out with recoil settings I just can't seem to get it wright. It's just like without using a cheat I have to do it my self :P Resolution=1366-768
  8. T

    Before Buy.

    Hello everyone, im looking for a hack to improve only my aim (i want only use an aimbot legit) but before buy i have some questions: The aimbot is difficult to set up? because i see that in the section of buy cheat, there is some setup for the cheat. The cheat have a recoil fix a bit? Can i...
  9. M

    LAN cheats

    I've been asking something like this before, but I came to the conclusion that it is possible to cheat on LAN. Now I'm just wondering how you're gonna hide it? I mean, the easy part is to load the cheat I suppose, but when it's loaded, isn't it hard AF to hide? Like hiding that u are holding...
  10. B

    Leaguecheats is still the best

    I'll admit, I've been testing other hacks. The other hacks I've tested had many more features, a larger userbase and more versatility. But where LC shines is simplicity. LC may not have many features, but each feature is amazing. When it comes to legit cheating, quality over quantity. I've also...
  11. E

    CSGO Multi Pre-Sale

    Looking more towards a recoil solution. Does your recoil prediction have a control system to where it basically pulls down for you so you can spray and it looks like your doing the work, but actually not? Furthermore, is Multi good for Faceit including visuals? Thanks for the help and answers.
  12. Lucas129127

    No recoil !!

    I just bought this cheat , it says that you get this: Recoil - Adjust the recoil counter while using the aimbot. Recoil Key - Adjust Which key the anti-recoil is set on. (For all Aimbot Keys) Recoil Type - Control if the recoil control is always on or Only When using the aimbot (RCS Type 4)...
  13. N

    Help! some questions >D

    Hello, guys! I am here before purchasing it with some questions. First of all: 1) I want to play on FaceIT and get Master League level 10, can I find a really good (almost perfect if not perfect) config for FaceIT? 2) Is there an option to hide the in-game menu and only use it from website? 3)...
  14. Ferre

    Questions before buying cheat

    Hey guys, i was just introduced to leaguecheats by a close friend of mine. I have some questions before i go on to buy the cheat tomorrow morning. 1. I've read on the forums that the league version is faceit proof with right settings. I'm wondering if i can get an example for these "right"...
  15. G

    Question regarding HL1/CS1.6 multi hack

    As you all know the majority of hacks for 1.6 are easily detectable by a spectator; the screen would be shaking whenever they'd shoot. I'd like to know if it's the same case with this vip/paid 1.6 hack, would it also be that easily detectable? If i recall correctly the only reason the screen is...