1. 4DHERo


    Most of you don't know me some will, I'm a former LC member and staff I've been with LC for a long time sense 2015 but I've been gone for a while due to life emergencies. But I'm back and I have some questions (Sorry if this is formatted wrong I'm typing this on a phone) - has LC gotten better...
  2. K

    Some short questions

    Hi Guys, i am not quite sure if this is the right thread for this questions. If its not just delete this thread or move it to where it belongs. I am thinking about re purchasing LC but in before i have some Questions. 1. Is it still possible to apply for beta? 2. Is there any possibilty for me...
  3. Juan Roberto

    New member, questions GAMERSCLUB HACK BUY UNDETECTED

    1-Is it a hundred safety per cent to use in gamersclub? 2-That it differentiates is it between the option " pro league " and the option " multi cheat "? 3-is it possible to pay with skins?
  4. Abe

    Multi League or non League for Faceit without AC?

    Hey! Do I have to buy the Multi League Version or is the Non League version enough for FACEIT without AC? /Abe
  5. Kahop

    3 Questions about LC

    Hello! So i recently discovered LC, all of my other subscriptions expired, and I am looking for a hack that I can safely use on my main account and use on my alt so LC seems like a promising option. I cheat on my alt more often but sometimes cheat on my main (maybe once every week or two) when...
  6. cornichon

    Question vac status and faceit

    Hello, 1: Who long time csgo cheat are vac undetected? 2. I have see who customer are waiting for uptade for playing on faceit AC, but if i play only with the trigerbot can i play actualy on faceitac or need to wait for up to?
  7. B

    Some questions about your service for CSGO

    Hello, I would like to ask some questions before actually buying this cheat for CSGO. I'm interested in non-league Cheats btw. 1. Does this work correctly with these resolutions [I mean, without constant glitches and stuff, please tell me the truth] : 1280x1024, 1440x1080 (4:3) 2. Is the NL...
  8. Dot_Dash

    Possible (most likely) buyer; a story, some compliments, and some questions.

    NOTE: If you don't want to read through a couple paragraphs, just skip to the questions below, which is probably what you're here for anyway. The paragraphs contain my story of how I ended up here (and some compliments) so if you don't want to read that, just go to the questions. Hey! First...
  9. Y

    Thinking seriously about buying..

    I've used other semi-private hacks in the last couple of weeks, but they don't have the features I require and in some sense actually hinder my legit gameplay. I'm thinking about buying the League Multi-Hack and the $90 setup assistance so that I can get my settings tweaked. Okay background...
  10. X

    Jak dostaje się cheata od ToX

    Chciałbym się dowiedzieć jak ToX daje cheata gdy poda mu się kody psc.
  11. G

    [PL] [Broken En ]Czołem wszystkim / Hi all

    Siemka wszystkim jestem tutaj nowy, chciałem się przywitać i zadać kilka pytań :) Krótko o mnie: Mam 21 lat czyli już długo po mutacji, gwarantuje przyjemna atmosferę grania ze mną, Grając legit jestem LEM, wiec tutaj bez obaw ze będę strzelał przez 3 ściany. Wcześniej już używałem...
  12. D

    Questions Regarding GO:League

    Hello, cheat looks promising, tried a lot of p2c, private slots on d3 ect, how powerful is this aimbot exactly, can it be both one taps and spraydowns? RCS: Is this standalone? Or is it with the aimbot so only works when Aim key is toggled. Will be looking to buy around xmas time but just had...