1. Sarac007

    After one week review

    I used many different cheats last three years but this is the only product that is perfect for leggit play.I play only faceit (no AC) after 50 games nobody said you use cheat, i have 11 csgo acc for Faceit. INSTALLATION: 10/10 -Very easy and simple is very important,do not like complicated...
  2. A

    Regarding the RCS system

    Hi. Considering purchasing a year or 6 month subscription to the CSGO hack. Before I do I have a question regarding the RCS system. I use inverted mouse as in m_pitch -0.022 in all FPS games. I've done this since I was a FPS'er back in the days of original quakeworld etc where inverted was the...
  3. Myth

    Leaguecheats config from YouTube

    I've bought LC before in the past but never had enough money to buy a personal config. I was browsing your YouTube channel and saw the video where Tox was showcasing a free config. It looked amazing, is it actually free on the forum or is it a paid config? Thank you.
  4. L

    Review after 2 days

    I have bee trying to get the perfect settings for me for the last 24 hours, and i think it has worked out! its just insane! i can spray down 4 players no problem and still look super legit. Aimbot: 10/10. Just insane ESP: 9/10. perfect but would love to see some sort of bomb esp (might have...
  5. Cortex1337

    1 Month+ Experience

    Hi everyone , just sharing my experience with this cheat provider. At the first time i had really hard time to find a good settings to adapt to my playstyle , but once i found it it went perfect, i have used so many cheats that i could not list them all but this one is definitely the best one...
  6. Z

    Buying the Non-League Cheat!

    I'm super stoked to use these cheats for FaceIt, I have no problem setting up cheats. But setting up my own config usually takes me awhile for cs:go. I used to be able to create nice configs for 1.6 hacks. Anyways.... I am currently using full screen at 1024 x 768, will I have any trouble...
  7. I

    Wanted coder for Perfect Auto Strafe

    Hey, So I'm not sure where else to post this really. I've been wanting something like this for ages and it's annoying me not being able to have it. I've posted on another website and had one guy reply me saying he can make it, however, I don't really trust him that much. (He instantly responded...
  8. 0bit

    7 month of testing [bad english]

    First of all sorry for my bad English guys^^ but I think u will understand everything. Okay I used this cheat now for 7 month so I think I can make a pretty good overview of the Cheat. Let’s start with the things I don’t like, even though there are not so many. As I bought the cheat I could...
  9. T

    [VIDEO] How To Make Own Perfect Settings GUIDE | Share your settings |

    More you can find here:
  10. N

    Help! some questions >D

    Hello, guys! I am here before purchasing it with some questions. First of all: 1) I want to play on FaceIT and get Master League level 10, can I find a really good (almost perfect if not perfect) config for FaceIT? 2) Is there an option to hide the in-game menu and only use it from website? 3)...
  11. R

    LC short review

    Well i have use alot of cheats and this is the perfect one the aimbot looks like pSilent i use it for more then 4 month since i started to play in 2 weeks i became global elite i got lots of report and i didnt got any ban this cheat is amazing legit and strong i play with it like semi-pro i got...