1. S

    Too many people using LC? CAPPA

    I don't want to rub anyone the wrong way but LC is catching a LOT of attention recently due to all the good people spreading the word and Youtube videos attracting people. Also the recent people that are coming are also all Ex- Con cheater's that probably got banned for being silver 1 and...
  2. Hi<3

    Old but interesting

    This clips are insane video shows as not available idk why ( /watch?v=jMYSDbhxq5w) The same happend here There is a kjaerbye clip on cache but i cant find the video, he was mid using a deagle. Some old clips but they are always interesting to watch :doge:
  3. Spzbl

    edits. :)

    Hey guys im new here, im willing to do edits for people who would like some (for free ofc). I've made quite nice POV edits & actual fragmovies. Just trying to make some friends at this community since im a new (and unknown person) here :)! Ill post some of my previous work here a little later. :)
  4. fmr


    League Cheats is absolutely safe from bans. We are now stronger than ever. League Cheats is also working on Panorama update! Hooray! Rest in Peace to 27,427 accounts lost today by irresponsible copy paste coders. Sadly, this gives awareness to how dangerous the marketing world is. Scammers...
  5. Edwin

    Smurfing in Silver

  6. Zoichooey

    Potentional Fortnite hack

    With Epic Games spending $100 million towards tournaments in Fortnite there competitive scene will grow a lot the coming years. Are there any plans on making a cheat for Fortnite?
  7. Guilford

    GoodBye guys!

    Will not talk much, just want to say thx to LC for 2 beautiful years. Sadly, I go to other project because can't get there 3.0 of many requests. Im rly focusing on FaceIT AC bypass, because of FPL league after 10 lvl. Already starting playing in LANS and etc. So wanna say thx, hack was really...
  8. Edwin

    Hacks crashing server fix incoming.

    [In case the image above doesn’t show:] I believe we’ve all seen the hacks which crashes servers after hackers win the game, so that no demos are sent to Overwatch. It’s a pain in the ass, but it seems like Valve’s noticed the issue and is trying to solve it asap. One...
  9. VAULT1909

    Platinum cheats bans removed.

    I was watching a bhop video on legit cheating that was posted on 3rd april: I assumed that account must have been caught in the ban wave, so I went and searched for it. Found it here: https://steamcommunity/id/-Sensecial You can see the comment: "wow, ur vac ban got lifted, I mean ur vac...
  10. L

    What is the telling sign that a friend is cheating?

    So anyone experienced anything people always have in common when you find out about them cheating? From what I have experienced people always get nervous when you ask them about the hitting insane shots and almost always try to make a joke out of it. Like "yeah of cource I'm cheating bro". Just...
  11. S


    I bought sub just now , my only place where i game at is faceit and therefore i am looking for cheat that can be played on faceit.Purchase section clearly mentioned faceit ac bybass but surfing on threads,people are saying it's not possible to use this cheat on faceit ac, i am little confused ..
  12. Oktamer

    Black desert online or any other mmo

    Hi everybody, i played WoW for 5 years, and i will play it again when the new extension will come out. But before that i want to change a little. What do you think of BDO? AION? TESO? i'm searching for a good PvP mmo, i really don't mind about it being a F2P or P2P thank you :)
  13. N

    Got VAC banned 9 days ago

    hi guys, just letting you know i haven't played CS since the banwave and my main account got banned 9 days ago so 3 months delayed.. it's just for general info as i have no intention of playing CSGO anytime soon. I wanted to thank Jimster and ToX for the cheat it was...
  14. Michelle

    DDOS support

    will a ddos client or what ever i need to use to prevent being ddosed interfere with LC 2.5?
  15. fmr

    1001st Post and My stay in LC.

    As I look up the member page, I see all the hall of famers in LC. Well, the most number of posts, does not show how long you have stayed in LC, but how active you are. From the start, I just wanted to be active too, and be part of that active members list. Here I am, posting my 1001st. Why do I...
  16. tomato

    Thank you to LC Team

    I wanna just make a thread (Hope in right section!!!!) to thank the LC team for giving out a free key to everyone who was affected by the Banwave. Just goes to show how Jimster is truly genuine about his customers to keep them, also the free month is of course expected but still a nice thing, as...
  17. Get_Right

    hilago boost

    hi guys i have a low end pc ... notebook with i7 but doesnt have graphic card ... u guys know if i can get banned using hialgo boost? (csgo)
  18. panzer

    @Panzer and @1337xLeague (aka Kaze) EPIC GAMEPLAY on USA server. REDNECK GOT RETKET BY KAZE - EPIC

    Ok, this day, i was playing with @1337xLeague on a USA server. Some redneck guy (cheating hard) was talking shit, our ping was like 110. THEN.... on ts with Kaze ive sayd "lets see if social engeener Works " .. North américa memes lol
  19. future22

    My review

    I would like to start off this review by thanking whoever coded this cheat this is a phenomenal cheat and by far the best cheat i have used and trust me I have used quite a few "a*mw*re,in*uria,redwor*,ayyware paste, and more this is the best legit cheat if you are looking to cheat in prime and...
  20. 1337xLeague

    Wut the fuck is that? Nothing more to say, It looks like a 5 year old kid had update the page or somebody who wants to scam retarded ppl. @ToX At least if you update it dont make it look at cheap holly fuck.