1. C

    My review after two weeks or so

    I'm not new to cheating, I've used CS GO hacks by other providers, so I can say that with the experience of someone who has been cheating on CS GO for the last 4 years. AIMBOT: 10/10 - It's the best and the most legit aimbot I've ever used. It's totally customizable, it responds very well and...
  2. A

    Good Config generator

    Hi guys, im making a better config generator and other stuff for leaguecheats members. On website u can found. + Friend list + Live chat with friends + Livechat help + Own profile, with own stream profile + Pub. Configs and Priv. Config, people can share configs to other. + Crosshair generator...
  3. Animesh Joarder


    Hello sir is leaguecheats support esl anti cheat ????
  4. panzer


    After three months researching for league hacks, ive found only scams and people who cant code :p ive talked with a lot of coders, and no one can code a league hack on this days..... or u can pay 15K to get banned XD YEAH, WE ARE BETTING EVERY PROVIDER proofs?
  5. guldkæden97

    Can LC aimlock, lock through walls to get infomation?

    Hello fellas, i watched this video early today, and actually he explained really good how the aimlock works, now i got a question can league cheats do the same as hes cheat in the video? Like aimlock to the person closest to your crosshair, and also through walls? So if u are on lan, u can get...
  6. CarlPoppa

    Overwatch question

    Was playing matchmaking and some cry baby on the other team was going 5-20 and started accusing people of cheating and said he report botted me i went 20-12 with a low headshot percentage. Anyone think ill get banned?
  7. image

    H1Z1 KOTK cheat [31 slots remaining]

    ok guys please read correctly and don't post any reply unless it's asking for a slot so minster can get an idea wether this would work or not, I discussed a price with @Jimster480 and for him to do this for any cheaper would be a complete waste of his time. Ok so there aren't many good h1z1...
  8. image

    Possible H1Z1 cheat (SLOTTED)

    I was wondering if anyone would like to come together and maybe ask jim to make a low fov aimbot for h1z1 kotk i was thinking 50 slots and we would all pay him £100 up front then £50 a week or something? as there are no h1z1 safe cheats out there
  9. H

    wondering of buying...

    but almost every screenshot/video from faceit gameplay, i searched em up from faceit and almost everyone banned with normal kd... how is that?
  10. abbetappe

    What's happening with EAC, ESL, CEVO, GC and FACEIT bypass?

    You have been saying for so long time you will bypass these, nothing is getting bypassed? What's happening? You say EAC in christmas, well 1 month later nothing.
  11. chimichangas

    If you need to talk or some help

    If you need some help or a friend Hey guys! I`ve got permission from the admins to make a program where you can talk to me if you got any kind of problem, I do not mean cheat problem but if you got some problems in real life that you want to talk about. We can talk where you feel comfortable...
  12. Y

    Couple of questions from a sad dude

    Heyo everyone. I've been a member of another cheating community (won't mention which one, since I'm unsure on your rules) for a long time, and am a well known member of the community over there. I'm leaving that cheat because of the recent shitty service. I've never been banned using their...
  13. Run2Die

    First Month LC Review

    Gotta say at first I was confused as hell on how to use LC but after some time on forums. The one thing that stands out from LC from PerfectAim which is my last subscription was the support time is nuts people instantly helping people no questions asked 10/10
  14. D


    Is faceit undetected? i was wondering about the new faceit client? Thanks for understanding!
  15. abbetappe

    Faceit client

    Will you be UD on faceit client?
  16. J

    Just a Hi!

    Good Afternoon, Just purschased the cheat , looking forward to it! Thought i would drop in a say hi :)
  17. FD^GoD

    I want to buy

    Hi guys, I want to buy this awesome cheat at the videos looking awesome and many players and few streamers talking that is the best UD cheat on the market. I have some question very important for me. 1. Can i get untrusted ban when i will use this cheat at the volvo servers such as mm, casual...
  18. K


    As much as i know everyone gets a different build. is there a chance that i won't get banned on esea?
  19. J

    Is the standalone rcs fixed yet?

    So my question is if the rcs type5 (standalone rcs) is fixed yet? Last time when i subbed it was not working, it was pulling crosshair down to your own feets even with low power. Also other question, is all the features safe to use in cevo league ?
  20. S

    some questions about leaguecheats

    Hello LC community. On the internet i was looked good cheats for LAN, and most people for me recommended LC, now i'm really interested in this cheat. I want to know what issues can be in the lan with injecting? Do you guys have VIP section where i can find some tutorials how to inject file...