1. B

    Alguem me ajuda, paguei por boleto!

    Entao gente, fiz uma compra ontem por boleto e chegou um email de confirmacao de pagamento no meu email... chegaram 2 na real, um do paymentwall support e outro da leaguecheats, nesse email da leaguecheats esta escrito a seguinte coisa:Pagamento confirmado via Boleto Bancário. Pedido...
  2. H

    Gamersclub private

    Hi, i want to buy the private version of gamersclub but i cant contact jimster, if you see me here @Jimster480 please talk to me
  3. Patrick J.

    When i get cheat?

    Hello, i purchased cheat 2 mins ago, when i get cheat? Regards
  4. L

    Purchase did not activate my VIP

    Hello, admin, I purchased CSGO Multi League $35USD for one month on April 12, 2018. Here are my payment screenshots and payment slip number 0CE54417R06566815. We did not receive an activation email from April 12th to today. Didn't help me open forum VIP!
  5. T

    Free VIP view access for expired users in October/November

    Hi, If you expired in October/November, but you still want to view our VIP's sections. Here is what you need to do: 1. Open a Support Ticket 2. Select Administrative departament 3. Use ST title "VIP Forum Access, expired in October or November" 4. Fill in the data (Auth username, Bought...
  6. T


    can i pay with paymentwall in my first time?
  7. creat1ve

    HL1 Payment Wall

    How can I buy hl1 cheats with payment wall? ty in advance
  8. S


    1. This cheats have any type of skin changer? or SoundEsp? 2. I know u guys r under maintence about GamersClub, but i also know some players uses only Aimbot (or any aux aim support) this cheat injects on there? 3. ESEA/Faceit/Cevo any support? 4. For who hasnt international credit card (from...
  9. G

    i cant buy

    I do not want to buy cheats through paypal, which I have clicked on to choose another form of payment?
  10. kxorrao

    My experience with Jimster480

    Hey guys, first of all i would like to tell that i don't usually use cheats, the only one that i've tried was Project-7 which i can say it's pretty shit. I tried to use LeagueCheats as i understood that they support the FaceIT AC(first mistake, they don't, and the way they wrote their cheater...
  11. M

    Buy the cheat and I can not download it

    Hey!! First, sorry for my english. I just Buy the cheat and I do not know how to download it Please, help me.. Thanks!
  12. Fallen quer ser Deus 2.0


    I made the payment and for more than 12 hours, so far you have not answered what I do?
  13. E

    purchased still not activated

    purchased still not activated i have screenshot
  14. T

    New payment methods available! PSC, Skins, Steam Wallet Code, BTC and many more!

    Hello everyone, We are taking feedback from you guys & girls (@Noname) seriously. We are introducing new payment methods to our system: -Paysafecard -MINT Cash Cards -Steam Wallet Codes -Skins -BTC More information can be found here: Link Please do not ask about FaceIT update in this thread...
  15. Hantoszi55

    [PL][EN]VIP Forum = cheat?

    hej, Chciałbym zakupić cheat Non League na 3 miesiace poprzez paymentwall, gdy wybieram ten sposob płatności widze Forum Non League VIP i tutaj pytanie czy zakup vipa daje mi mozliwosc pobrania i używania cheata? Hi i want to buy Non League cheat for 3 months via paymentwall but when i pick...
  16. X

    payment method

    so i wondered if i could buy this cheat direct from my visa card or do i have 2 pay with PSC?
  17. S

    Quick Question

    Hello My friend wants to by LC for me and was wondering how he should do it?
  18. M


    [i'm sorry for my bad english,I AM BRAZILIAN :C] hello i renew my sub today more when I open cs go appears "sub expired" I do payment for paymentwall Jimster please check your email.. i send my username .
  19. Wattsit

    Payment Via Skins + a few other questions!

    Holllaaa, New here. Got a few questions if someone would be kind enough to answer them for me! I'm looking for a cheat that supports FaceIt, MM and ESEA - after trying a few cheat providers I'm really hoping that LC really does what it says on the tin :) 1) When was the last detection for MM...
  20. C

    How do i download

    I just bought the hack and noting was sent to my email other than paypal saying i bought it how do I use it where do i got to download the loader?