1. Hi<3

    Black friday sale this year?

    just asking
  2. darbak

    About ESL Wire

    I have a quick question about wire. Is UD all the time? Maybe I shoot on 1v1
  3. VAULT1909

    Platinum cheats bans removed.

    I was watching a bhop video on legit cheating that was posted on 3rd april: I assumed that account must have been caught in the ban wave, so I went and searched for it. Found it here: https://steamcommunity/id/-Sensecial You can see the comment: "wow, ur vac ban got lifted, I mean ur vac...
  4. H

    Get in contact with tox-jimster

    Hello, Is there any way I can speak with tox or jimster in private? Like discord or smt? Thankyou !
  5. D

    ESP Question.

    Hey, just curious, could you play with esp on a stream? Is that even possible? Without the other viewers seeing it.
  6. Michelle

    DDOS support

    will a ddos client or what ever i need to use to prevent being ddosed interfere with LC 2.5?
  7. A

    Darky kind of fanart XD

    Im making also avatars, signatures,banners for yt,facebook etc. feel free to ask!
  8. feasly

    5 simple questions :D often u got detected on faceit? 2. when was the last time ? 3. is it possible to code a cheat for me (more money) wich is undetected at faceit client? 4.what means IP lock system???? means that that i can just use the cheat on this ip where i downlaoded it? 5. and my last question what...
  9. Nicktendo13

    Gfinity and CEVO merge for $2.7M TDLR; Gfinity bought CEVO for $2.7mil. Crediting /u/intcompetent on Reddit for the link, but saw this and might mean same or new AC coming? Just some future speculation. Idk tell me what you...
  10. K

    LC screensaver

    Hey ma boys! Some maybe can remember me, some maybe not Kappa anyway. I've got an idea. Is it possible to do screensaver when you are going AFK and leaving ur PC still running? You are away for example for 5 minutes and then its running screensaver with this video (this one because i love this...
  11. S

    FaceIT and other..

    Hello, I am new here! And yes I pretty much know there were milions of questions about that, don't get me wrong it's just about safety for the money and to not make any other problems that I have been somehow banned or something.. So there are the questions : 1. Can I use the cheat for 35 USD...
  12. xans

    New Signature

    Took me long enough to work on something new for LC, what do you think?
  13. deniskaon

    LeagueCheats - Frag Movie Full

  14. cornichon

    Stream with cheat

    Hello, Is the cheat stream proof with esp visual? Thank you
  15. chimichangas

    I really need a PC expert

    So, I need ".Net Framework 3.5 (including .NET 2.0 and 3.0)" When i try to install it I get: Error code: x800F0906 I`ve tryed to watch some youtube vids without luck at all.
  16. Dowiie

    No sub video 5k

    My sub ran out yesterday and i thought i will suck without cheats. I go in game and i destroy then some nice 5ks without cheat. I played better put cheat cause i'm afraid to go full ham with cheats. Against globals.
  17. Defiant

    Why has my forum rank changed?

    I've been subbed here for a while now and had the rank DMG with cheats. Since my sub expired and I re subbed it's gone to new member. Why is this? Not that I care about it, just wondering.
  18. N

    Faceit AC

    Can i use this product on Faceit AC? Tnx a lot!!
  19. Aaron

    Some flicks

    Off the bat: I don't know WHY they look so locky. I have 3.50 smooth and 2 super, which is more than enough as I actually tested with POV demos in 128 and 64tick. So, fuck CSGO Demos: