1. Kyle62

    Feel Like Shit Cheating

    I have about 1.5k legit hours and 1.5k hours cheating on CS. I feel like a piece of shit every time I cheat but at the same time the game is way more boring when I play legit. I'm B+ on ESEA and recently joined an open team... I don't really want to start cheating again but I dont know what else...
  2. boomrockyoyo

    After purchase, what to do next?

    After purchase, what to do next because I wait for 8 Hours
  3. Dexter Morgan

    Turning "Fake" hours into "Real"

    Hey guys, i remember once finding a guide on here showing how to turn your fake boosted horus into "real" hours that shows up on vac-ban.com etc. In the guide he used Steam Achievement Manager, i just cant remember how to do it :D Does anyone know how to do it?
  4. C

    How much its the normal time to get cheat ?

    Just cirious what is the normal time after purchase to get the cheat i know that its max 24 hours but i mean the normal expect time ?
  5. ogdunderzubbi

    Demo Review

    How do you guys review your demos inorder to improve at the game? What kind of mindset do you use? This guy suggests to put 6 different "skill sets" and give yourself points whenever you do mistakes and that's how you find out what and how to improve. So how do you do it?
  6. EmEditor300

    VAC Ban delays

    Does anyone know how long a "Overwatch ban" or a "VAC Ban" can be delayed?
  7. J

    Username or email?

    I've put the email in place of the username on the buy page, does it still work?
  8. teoherum


    Hey i know this may sound dumb and all but i have waited for like 3 hours for my activation and i still havent got it. And i have paid for this cheat before and then i had to wait like 10 min. :/ Do you think you could activate me manually? Thanks for understanding <3
  9. Fallen quer ser Deus 2.0


    I made the payment and for more than 12 hours, so far you have not answered what I do?
  10. L

    Link Acoount

    Hi, for some reason when I try to link my account it says invalid username or password. I know that I am typing it the same as when I bought the cheat, do I need to wait for the activation to be able to link a account? Anyone help?
  11. ShyMun

    How link accounts

    Hi, I just bought the cheat, and yes i know first i must link the accounts but... I don't know how i must do that... Someone can help me, please?
  12. K

    buy hack

    I've purchased hack csgo $35 How do I get hack leaguecheats Or I need activation by admin
  13. M

    Question on IP lock ?

    Hey I was a LC user before I move a lot from hotels to houses and such. Is there any way the ip lock won't affect me?
  14. R

    resubscribing question

    So I've payed to resubscribe today, a couple of minutes ago actually, how long until I'm granted VIP access, will it be 12 hours or will it come quicker?
  15. xlmr75

    Want to buy it , but some questions before.

    Hi, i want to buy the Full Version for 1 month with card like neosurf i see its like 40$ but can i use 2 card 20$ ? Next i want it for play faceit non premium , but i have already AC faceit installed on my computer what should i do? I dont want stupid vac or something, so can you help me a...
  16. Fazehaze1

    Quick Question

    So since i never got the email does that mean im losing time off my Subscribtion or does it not start till i get the email Edit: Guess ill wait just inpatience because got time out of schoolbecuase had surgery and bored sorry Guys
  17. M

    hello i got a question

    Is it safe to still use this cheat on faceit?
  18. nitec0re

    The first 24 hours

    ACTIVATION 7/10 I had to wait around 23 hours for my account to be activated. That being said a majority of users I spoke to had their account activated in a few hours, and as of recent Jim has been very busy so I won't hold that against him. CONFIGURATION 10/10 As a Linux nerd there's nothing...
  19. L

    Honest Review

    So I been using this for 24 hours, and let me tell you; it is one of my second worst purchases on the internet to this day. Firstly, the hack does not let you alt tab. I added everything the support says, but when I do, the menu does not work but it lets me alt tab, and vice versa, unbelievable...
  20. N


    How to know if you are already activated or no? I just purchased for $25 around 4 hours ago and where do we download the hack?