1. boomrockyoyo

    After purchase, what to do next?

    After purchase, what to do next because I wait for 8 Hours
  2. J

    Username or email?

    I've put the email in place of the username on the buy page, does it still work?
  3. teoherum


    Hey i know this may sound dumb and all but i have waited for like 3 hours for my activation and i still havent got it. And i have paid for this cheat before and then i had to wait like 10 min. :/ Do you think you could activate me manually? Thanks for understanding <3
  4. Fallen quer ser Deus 2.0


    I made the payment and for more than 12 hours, so far you have not answered what I do?
  5. L

    Link Acoount

    Hi, for some reason when I try to link my account it says invalid username or password. I know that I am typing it the same as when I bought the cheat, do I need to wait for the activation to be able to link a account? Anyone help?
  6. ShyMun

    How link accounts

    Hi, I just bought the cheat, and yes i know first i must link the accounts but... I don't know how i must do that... Someone can help me, please?
  7. K

    buy hack

    I've purchased hack csgo $35 How do I get hack leaguecheats Or I need activation by admin
  8. M

    Question on IP lock ?

    Hey I was a LC user before I move a lot from hotels to houses and such. Is there any way the ip lock won't affect me?
  9. R

    resubscribing question

    So I've payed to resubscribe today, a couple of minutes ago actually, how long until I'm granted VIP access, will it be 12 hours or will it come quicker?
  10. xlmr75

    Want to buy it , but some questions before.

    Hi, i want to buy the Full Version for 1 month with card like neosurf i see its like 40$ but can i use 2 card 20$ ? Next i want it for play faceit non premium , but i have already AC faceit installed on my computer what should i do? I dont want stupid vac or something, so can you help me a...
  11. Fazehaze1

    Quick Question

    So since i never got the email does that mean im losing time off my Subscribtion or does it not start till i get the email Edit: Guess ill wait just inpatience because got time out of schoolbecuase had surgery and bored sorry Guys
  12. nitec0re

    The first 24 hours

    ACTIVATION 7/10 I had to wait around 23 hours for my account to be activated. That being said a majority of users I spoke to had their account activated in a few hours, and as of recent Jim has been very busy so I won't hold that against him. CONFIGURATION 10/10 As a Linux nerd there's nothing...
  13. L

    Honest Review

    So I been using this for 24 hours, and let me tell you; it is one of my second worst purchases on the internet to this day. Firstly, the hack does not let you alt tab. I added everything the support says, but when I do, the menu does not work but it lets me alt tab, and vice versa, unbelievable...
  14. N


    How to know if you are already activated or no? I just purchased for $25 around 4 hours ago and where do we download the hack?
  15. J

    Just a Hi!

    Good Afternoon, Just purschased the cheat , looking forward to it! Thought i would drop in a say hi :)
  16. I

    Account activation

    Hello, I just buy the LC Csgo cheat right now. what i need to do to access the cheat ?
  17. S

    will it take 24hrs before i get vip when i buy

    also will that count as my vip days before i recive it when i payed
  18. Y

    Do you guys have config sharing?

    As I was ready to purchase the cheats but then i saw an advanced config installing service, I thought for myself if you guys have config sharing as it would be difficult for me to make a config on my own.
  19. E

    Quick Question?

    I am purchasing the non-league mulit when i get back from vacation this weekend. Once i purchase it (through paypal) do i go link my account right after i purchase it then wait the 12 hours. Also what password/email/username do i use when logging into the cheat once i have downloaded it. Do i...
  20. anden


    Hello. Im new to this site and i bought the 1 month csgo cheat for 35 USD. Ive been waiting for around 12 hours now and i still havent got any email on how to download the cheat and get it to work :/ If someone could come around and help me i would be grateful.