1. Resolved

    LeagueCheats MM Highlights #1 (Insane CFG In Desc)

  2. H

    First MM Today

    I have play my first MM today love LC and Insane cfg !!
  3. T

    Dragon Lore FN + LC = Unstoppable

  4. KKUkUr2017

    Pro configs page dissapear?

    Hey i am blind or i cant found anymore the page where io could pay Tox Virus and some other guys to make me a config for cheat?" Prices were 30-90$ if i remember but i cant find them anymore :/
  5. S

    Retake Rape :)

    Been messing around with my settings and I've been trying to learn more about Sony Vegas to make better edits in the future. Enjoy the small video :)
  6. Sluqx

    Solid AK-47 Ace on Cache

    I'm not using wallhack in case you are wondering about that first kill, which was trough the smoke next to red (hard to see because of the blur) :p
  7. N

    settings cheats

    When I change something from the auth faill, the recoil part of the weapons does not appear 4: 3 resolution 1028x768
  8. tomba


    Anyone know if this is good for lan and if so, have a good config?
  9. Myth

    Leaguecheats config from YouTube

    I've bought LC before in the past but never had enough money to buy a personal config. I was browsing your YouTube channel and saw the video where Tox was showcasing a free config. It looked amazing, is it actually free on the forum or is it a paid config? Thank you.
  10. A

    Config Buy: yes or no

    It is worth to buy config for 60$. It's hard to set yourself so that it looks legit? How much is the option to set? I will use only Aimbot.
  11. Coghu

    Pre-Sale Q's (Quite green to cheating)

    As I've stated in the title, I'm quite new to the whole cheating scene (Only used Vacware for 2 months). Questions: 1. Do I need to DL the cheat onto a USB or will it be fine just Dl'ing it straight to the PC? 2. For Cevo client, how do I go about properly booting up the cheat? (through...
  12. uniqueqq


    Anyone here has bought the ToX's config setup? (PRO Config $90) I want to know what's the difference if I buy that compared to setting up my own config. Thanks, uniqueqq Source: PRO Cheat Setup (Including config) Setup done by: ToX -90 $
  13. Z

    What do you think about my 1 tap configuration VIDEO

  14. H


    Hi all i have a question is pro setup the cheat like i mean i need to buy cheats and then the setup or just the setup and in the setup is the cheats? Thanks for your time to answer me :) and i have 1 more question how i will lounch cheats there is not single guide how ?
  15. Dowiie

    Mirage ace testing new config

    I'm new to editing, so nothing crazy just trying a new config. Quality is a lot better on my computer then youtube made it. No wallhack or trigger, only rcs, aimbot.
  16. Aqqure

    Testing some configs

    First match 0.00 - 4.33 is Config by FD^GoD Edited from ToX's FullBot Second match 4.33 - 8.50 Config for Matchmaking by BestGollumEU, edited version from 90$ Pro Setup. Visuals used: first match key esp, second match: only visible esp for easier spotting
  17. albanerendk

    Shitty Fragmovie - But Good Clips!

    The first half ish(the good quality clips) are new and with my current config. The last half are old and with Virus' beta faceit settings, so kinda strong. I know the movie itself is shit, but it shows what LC is capable of! I love this cheat man :D
  18. panzer

    EZ VAC carry hard :P

    15x15 :(
  19. legitbeast

    smoke push 3k

  20. jesus123

    1 Month LC Review | Custom Config Review

    This thread will be split into two parts, one talking about the League Cheat CSGO product, and the other part talking about the benefits of purchasing a config. CSGO Multi Hack Security 10/10 I have used cheats from other sites, and honestly I doubted LC. I thought it was just another...