1. KKUkUr2017

    Pro configs page dissapear?

    Hey i am blind or i cant found anymore the page where io could pay Tox Virus and some other guys to make me a config for cheat?" Prices were 30-90$ if i remember but i cant find them anymore :/
  2. tomba


    Anyone know if this is good for lan and if so, have a good config?
  3. Myth

    Leaguecheats config from YouTube

    I've bought LC before in the past but never had enough money to buy a personal config. I was browsing your YouTube channel and saw the video where Tox was showcasing a free config. It looked amazing, is it actually free on the forum or is it a paid config? Thank you.
  4. A

    Config Buy: yes or no

    It is worth to buy config for 60$. It's hard to set yourself so that it looks legit? How much is the option to set? I will use only Aimbot.
  5. Coghu

    Pre-Sale Q's (Quite green to cheating)

    As I've stated in the title, I'm quite new to the whole cheating scene (Only used Vacware for 2 months). Questions: 1. Do I need to DL the cheat onto a USB or will it be fine just Dl'ing it straight to the PC? 2. For Cevo client, how do I go about properly booting up the cheat? (through...
  6. uniqueqq


    Anyone here has bought the ToX's config setup? (PRO Config $90) I want to know what's the difference if I buy that compared to setting up my own config. Thanks, uniqueqq Source: PRO Cheat Setup (Including config) Setup done by: ToX -90 $
  7. H


    Hi all i have a question is pro setup the cheat like i mean i need to buy cheats and then the setup or just the setup and in the setup is the cheats? Thanks for your time to answer me :) and i have 1 more question how i will lounch cheats there is not single guide how ?
  8. jesus123

    1 Month LC Review | Custom Config Review

    This thread will be split into two parts, one talking about the League Cheat CSGO product, and the other part talking about the benefits of purchasing a config. CSGO Multi Hack Security 10/10 I have used cheats from other sites, and honestly I doubted LC. I thought it was just another...
  9. Y

    2 Questions

    1. I'm not sure if i am a resubscriber or a new customer because i dont remember if i bought a subscription here before(pretty sure i did) 2. I want to pay for advanced config setup as if i buy LC i want the best config that suits me which is strong legit but i can send as goods only on paypal...
  10. Ziath

    Cheat Setup questions?

    I noticed there was an option to get you're cheat up by one of the staff members here. level 1 -$10 level 2 -$60 Level 3 - $90 What do each of these entail? Do they all come with config setups or just level 2 and 3? If I am having problems with the cheat will they help fix them if I buy this...
  11. Z

    Buying the Non-League Cheat!

    I'm super stoked to use these cheats for FaceIt, I have no problem setting up cheats. But setting up my own config usually takes me awhile for cs:go. I used to be able to create nice configs for 1.6 hacks. Anyways.... I am currently using full screen at 1024 x 768, will I have any trouble...
  12. Ar1stotle

    My review

    alright fam, gather round.. after using a couple different cheats, I can say that I've found a keeper. Though it was a little tough to get used to at first, the team was beyond helpful. The aimbot is perfect (smooth and human-like, like no other). The only thing that would make this better are...
  13. J

    PRO Cheat Setup

    Anyone know if the pro setup worth?
  14. C

    My honest review!

    I want to give my honest opinion about this hack! With the right configuration you're safe on Faceit and Matchmaking. I actually bought a configuration from Virus1x cause I kinda found it hard creating my own config. The config was good and I got what I wanted at that time, A steady aim with...
  15. N

    im going to buy this again but....

    does this have a panic key (what i want to know is can i play like a god and then press a key and have someone sit at my pc and inspect my game and it be fine)
  16. G

    Faceit Aimbot

    Hello friends, im really interested in buying, but first i need to know what functions work on faceit. I have used other cheats that do not support aimbot for faceit. Does LC support? Thx.
  17. K

    Safe for Esport?

    Hello Guys this is a Long Question so i mark it Down. At Jimster or Tox if you Reply please Reply on a Private on Some Fill out Infos. Is ESL clearly Safe ( Wire ) ? FaceIT (SMAC) is it Safe with a Low Fov and a Good Trigger? If i Pay an Admin or an Staff will he help me to get an Config ...
  18. T

    Buy LC

    Hello, I'm using Unity atm and I'm planning to buy a sub for LC but before buying I would like to ask some question : - how legit work, is it the same as Unity (more legit or less legit) - how the menu looks like (easy or not easy to config) - is it worth to buy advanced config - how long the...
  19. Y

    Do you guys have config sharing?

    As I was ready to purchase the cheats but then i saw an advanced config installing service, I thought for myself if you guys have config sharing as it would be difficult for me to make a config on my own.
  20. Potatoes

    Becoming a new member

    I am planning to buy this hack after my due on Unity expires. On Multi-hack for CS:GO, can I use LC for FaceIT and there will be config for it automatically or the Menu hack or no?