1. daniels44

    [Off-Topic] Forced to use Faceit AC 0 games?

    I have created a fresh acc on fct, never happened before, but 0 games played on fct, acc created 2min ago and its asking for use of anti cheat? 0 reports. Did faceit force everyone to use ac now or?
  2. I

    VAC banned

    One account of mine got vac banned. Just wanted to let you know. I did not use any other cheats on that account.
  3. Patrick J.

    When i get cheat?

    Hello, i purchased cheat 2 mins ago, when i get cheat? Regards
  4. Aleixo

    faceit data removed, what now

    faceit just sent me an email telling me that my account is now on a 30 day quarantine period, and that after these 30 days, my data will be completely removed. Does that mean that I can use the same IP in my new account when they remove all the data?
  5. S


    Hi everyone, I'm thinking about buying the cheat I wanted to ask if there is after I buy the cheat a premium section with peoples config's
  6. T


    @Jimster480 someone got access to my account a long time ago, I can prove it's my account via PM (but I can't PM you, so PM me).
  7. enaldie

    R.I.P. :(

    I wanted to be pro player,but I have +- 15 banned account and most of them are registered on my real name and adress.... Is anything I can do with this or I am done forever?? PS : Can you tell me ALL tournaments that are sponsored by Valve,please? Thank you.
  8. ConesWithObama


    i currently have an active esea account on my main and when i get my esea or faceit cheat i dont want to get my main esea banned. To avoid a ban or to get back onto esea(or the faceit client) after a ban, am i right to say i need with: ip (i have a dynamic so not a problem) HWID (i have a...
  9. agentxero

    Ok Tox, calm the fuck down!! :D

  10. Heraxion


    How does faceit AC auto bans working? If im getting banned, does all account who have played on my hardware before also get an ban? Or just account playing after? Does it track IP/emails or anything else? Thanks for answers guys!
  11. L


    hi... i bought cheat and i need to know how long it take for send email to me? i bought yesterday 11pm
  12. E

    got banned on gc, what should i do?

    i already formatted my pc, changed hwid, changed ip, what else can i do? im getting banned when creating new account, never entered my old account
  13. R

    Help buy vip

    İ get this email,activate,please activate my vip access Hi there, Thanks for purchasing! Please let me know what your desired anti-leak login information (Username & Password) is so I can get your account setup ASAP! This account is NOT THE SAME as the forum account, I must...
  14. VAULT1909

    potential cevo ban.

    So i played an MM with the cevo client open and LC injected, will cevo care?
  15. Z

    Odgrzewany kotlet czyli pare pytań po zakupie.

    Witam, Właśnie kupiłem LC NL multi, potwierdzenie przysłano na maila itp itd. Mam parę pytań a więc: - New subscribers: Remember to link your account to receive VIP access. - Są jakieś poradniki o LC jak injectować, co wyłaczyć żeby nie wykrywało itp itd - Po jakim czasie dostanę Vipa na...
  16. F


    How do I do this before buying?
  17. O

    Cheat Activation

    Hey, Just bought the ESP/WH League cheat and i'm not really sure how to activate it. I have to link some account ti get vip acces or something? I have no idea what to do. Can any1 explain it to me pls? Ty boiz
  18. poliziach3ater

    I have bought the cheat but i dont know where to link my account.

    I have bought the $35/month league cheat with aimbot etc. however i'm not sure where i link my account. Can anyone help me. It'll be much appreciated
  19. R

    How and where link my account?

    Im so nooob in this, and dont understand anything, i neeed do it before buy?
  20. darkangel3288

    Email question

    Hi guys, I have a question. I'll buy next days the cheat(i wait to expire in*uria subscription) but my account here has different email from PayPal account. Is this a problem for being a member?? Thanks!