99damage legit Cheat


Mar 4, 2021
Hey there! I am looking for a cheat to use in 99damage, is there any way to get a legit cheat for that? I only need slight aim assist and/or triggerbot, anything will do. Just want the slight edge. Kind regards :)
The GamersClub cheat should work in 99Dmg at this point in time. Might work with aimbot too with a aimbot re-enable command.
Well it states on the product page that the pro version supports 99damage, I was just curious if i could get a custom build without any ESP and stuff. Just aim assist and/or trigger. But it says I can only obtain that after using the standard cheat for 3 months, I cant wait that long :/ season starts in a few days. Is that possible?
You can just disable features in the cheat. I don't do custom builds unless you have $2000+.
The gamersclub version should work on 99dmg in its current state. I don't see why it wouldn't. You can apply for that version just by opening a ticket.