Hey I'm back and have some questions.

Jan 3, 2015
Hi everyone,

I took a long break, and I was wondering how is the new update. What features are detected? (especially in MM not looking to do any leagues)

Is the installation quick? works on windows 11?


for Jimster: Are you still doing privates? I don't need a complicated one just vacnet and mm aimassist.
So just AimBot/aimassist is fine ?
Yes that works, however the triggerbot and autoshoot will be fixed in the next update which is mostly done. Just has a bug or two to sort out.
Does the cheat work ok with windows 11 and has anyone that uses the cheat since the update had any trust issues ?
It does work alright with Windows 11 at this point in time but we don't recommend windows 11 to anyone due to the massive spyware implications. Microsoft could also restrict cheats at any point in time using their invasive TPM techniques and there would be basically nothing that can be done about it. So its best to use Windows 10.