1. S

    Auth Failed when i want to play

    Auth Failed when i want to play. I tried all. Help?
  2. amnez1k


    >>>The private message system is not for support. Your PM permissions are limited for 14 days!<<< wtf? what did i make wrong ?
  3. L


    I would like to record some nice LC clips... But my clips are really laggy and not smooth. I have watched many youtube tutorials for settings and my pc is pretty good. I have gtx 1080, i7 6700k, 16gb. Any suggestions what might be the problem?
  4. S

    R.I.P ME :-((((!

    I was so unlucky that i played with non-league in MM, and then my faceit client was online. R.I.P me.. :-(((!
  5. Markus Dahl

    Mouse problems

    Hello, this thread is not cheat related, but i thought some of the geeks in here could shine some light on this for me. So recently(approx 4-5 weeks ago) I felt like my mouse wasnt responding correctly, but i tried to ignore it. By the end of this week, I noticed that i had some sort of...
  6. robthehexor

    3 months with LC

    I've been playing cs since 2003, yes 14 years now. Ive been cheating the entire time with cheats such as JAPS, myg0T and my favorite paid2cheat from back in the day organner. With that said, the level customization with league cheats is far above the rest, ive been able to tailor this cheat...
  7. cutiecat

    legit frags

    Terrible quality I know my pc is garbage but i tried hopefully i can make better ones once I get my new computer :P
  8. D

    1st day with cheat

    i have tried couples of cheat provider such as h*xui and unity, after a day with LC I found out that this is the most legit cheat I ever use. even I compare with my friend who is using h*xui. He tried so hard to be legit but with ToX help with settings, he made me a legit and strong settings for...