1. guldkæden97

    Can LC aimlock, lock through walls to get infomation?

    Hello fellas, i watched this video early today, and actually he explained really good how the aimlock works, now i got a question can league cheats do the same as hes cheat in the video? Like aimlock to the person closest to your crosshair, and also through walls? So if u are on lan, u can get...
  2. CarlPoppa

    Overwatch question

    Was playing matchmaking and some cry baby on the other team was going 5-20 and started accusing people of cheating and said he report botted me i went 20-12 with a low headshot percentage. Anyone think ill get banned?
  3. zYamamoto

    Aim through smokes

    I already bought the new subscription but i want to know if there is a feature to not aim through smokes? Because i want to use mouse1 with rifles... but just if you can disable aim through smokes.
  4. hahalolwtfbro

    Would this cheat be able to work like an aimlock?

    Basically I might buy this cheat, and the only thing I want to use it for is to aimlock through the wall, so I can gaither information. Is this possible with this cheat? Will it look really smooth?' Also, if possible.. Does it work on all leagues? I mostly play ESL and EAC
  5. unholy

    some thoughts

    Hello! I used this cheat for a couple of months ago, but had some trouble with set it up properly and then i stopped played so never used it so much. So i thinking of give it a new try, but need to refresh my memory with some questions etc :) Whats the differents in Basic cheat setup with...
  6. K


    Hi guys, just 1 more question before i buy this cheat. :D For kickback i need to buy the leauge one or its enough to choose the non-leuage thing. I will only use ESP or what is it, so i want to look through the walls and nothing else. Thanks a lot guys. I hope i can join your team soon.
  7. K

    PreSale for a newbie.

    Hi guys! I hope i found the cheat what i looking for. What i need is a simple wallhack. Nothing more, i just want to see thoose guys through the wall on faceit and kickback. I read that the configuration of this hack is complicated, or need more time to do it well. The question is, if i only...
  8. D

    Few questions ?

    when was the last time the cheat was detected and can I aimlock people through walls like flusha or like how Dan m did it in his last video
  9. K

    Quick Questions

    1. I've heard rumors about when you alt-tab you will receive a crash. Is this true, and when will it be fixed? 2. Will you guys think of implementing Perfect Smoke + Flash Check? (Working half blind, one way smokes.. etc) I did not see this on the feature list. 3. VisibleCheck - Visible...
  10. VladimirPutin

    Katowice Compilation of pure skill

    Fnx aimlocking directly on the head of Krimz Fer with a little help to know the fnatic players location Fnx snapping directly onto JW, THROUGH the smoke THROUGH the default box, because why not Fnx...