1. mathinos

    New LC game

    I wonder, after over 2 years since tox's survey, if you guys still waiting for new LC supported game which PUBG should be :p?
  2. Jaaz

    Final Mouse "Review"

    Final mouse recently released a new mouse, now that may not sound like a big deal to you, because it not, its a fucking computer mouse, they hyped this mouse up too be some type of holy relic that they were releasing. The marketing behind this mouse was the most pretentious shit I have ever...
  3. R

    Help with setup

    I'm relatively new here, I got to buy the cheating once but I had many difficulties to configure according to my taste. After interminable adjustments I ended up leaving LC aside and moved on to other platforms, but I know how much of this cheating is safe and strong if well configured. At the...
  4. Resolved


  5. Spzbl


    hi. I am looking to buy 3 month sub, get to know Lc a little, Then If allowed buy pro league. But is esportal supported with visuals? I want to know because After 3 month that Will be my main focus :)
  6. S

    Just Fucking Wow

    I've come from a Mickey Mouse p2c to this. I've still to see if it works on faceit serverside as I'm banned from leaving 4 matches earlier on a shit hack they advertised as working on it and it didn't. Kept crashing. I got my email and i watched the youtube walkthrough, perfectly explained by a...
  7. A

    Platinum Cheats LMFAO! Closing down

    I guess they could not fixed there shitty skin changer and stay undetected so they close sales
  8. rlxa

    New Member

    Hi everyone So I'm very interested in buying LC and i just wanted to know how long has it been undetected, has it ever gotten detected? I've been looking at this cheat for quite sometime now and everyone seems nice here, nice community, nice cheat. I got banned a while ago but kinda recently...
  9. I

    Lan cheating csgo

    Hey, if u were going to lan, not byoc, is there anyway to cheat? For example on smartlaunch (used at internet cafes). U csn bring own mouse and all gear, and to stick in USB and do whatever u want on pc is fine no one looks. But the thibg is there is no admin access to files or whatsoever. Is...
  10. FD^GoD

    Cheater or not cheater ?

    Wysłane z iPhone za pomocą Tapatalk
  11. struggles

    Very honest review after around 2years

    Dear LC community, After almost two years I decided to write a testimonial for you guys in order to share my experiences with leaguecheats with you. Many of you will not even recognize me or have never seen me on the forum, nevertheless I would ask you kindly to read my story and respect my...
  12. O

    Discord - Greatest place to gather everyone in a non toxic way

    Have you moderators thought of starting a discord channel. its like this forum buy way more easily to talk and support eachouther:) ?
  13. Fedda

    Jimster is trusted by big coders?

    I read on unknowncheats today about some cheat stuff. There was a guy that wanted a high tier cheat for esea. And someone aid that if you are gonna buy a esea cheat. go to the best and most trusted coder out there. Jimster480. I dont know who it was, but if there are any new members in here. I...
  14. A

    Does work at esea?

    is it working?
  15. mph3xn

    About hl2 hack

    hi lc community. when was last updated hl2(cs:source) hack? can you add a new functionality, eg: best bone, recoil after, aim time, sound esp/sonar esp(or you have already added under the name - sequence esp??), visible esp, WEAPONCONFIG, etc. ? and how well your cheat bypasses SMAC and any...
  16. T

    LC 3.0

    Hello, will there be release 3.0 in free access sometime? Or the version that bypasses faceit AC? Sorry for my english, it's very bad
  17. Guilford

    GoodBye guys!

    Will not talk much, just want to say thx to LC for 2 beautiful years. Sadly, I go to other project because can't get there 3.0 of many requests. Im rly focusing on FaceIT AC bypass, because of FPL league after 10 lvl. Already starting playing in LANS and etc. So wanna say thx, hack was really...
  18. A

    Custom Private Cheat?

    Hey, Is there any chance you guys at LC could code me a custom private cheat?
  19. VAULT1909

    Platinum cheats bans removed.

    I was watching a bhop video on legit cheating that was posted on 3rd april: I assumed that account must have been caught in the ban wave, so I went and searched for it. Found it here: https://steamcommunity/id/-Sensecial You can see the comment: "wow, ur vac ban got lifted, I mean ur vac...
  20. Resolved

    LC 2 aces with ToX V3

    Some lazy frag edit using the new ToX V3 Credits to: ToX for the config and ENM for the music Ps: stop watching at 2:12 Click the subscribe button if you want more content with actual effort to editing Subscribe also for more content!!! Btw: 128 tick vids commin soon. Just sorting some shit out...