1. D

    Faceit ac client

    Hey,want to ask,cheats works on faceit with faceit anti-cheat client??
  2. O

    HL1 Sxe Injected counter strike hacks

    Hi , Does cs 1.6 hack working on sxe injected ?
  3. H

    ESL questions

    Hello, Before buying your cheat, I have few questions about it: 1) After reading a lot, I know how secure your cheat is in general, but, how secure is it on ESL? 2) Can I use WH in ESL? 3) In your Payment Page, it shows "Multi Cheat Options (ESP, Wallhack, Aimbot, Triggerbot and other...
  4. S


    1. This cheats have any type of skin changer? or SoundEsp? 2. I know u guys r under maintence about GamersClub, but i also know some players uses only Aimbot (or any aux aim support) this cheat injects on there? 3. ESEA/Faceit/Cevo any support? 4. For who hasnt international credit card (from...
  5. A


    Eac supported? yes/no.
  6. E

    Faceit anti cheat client

    It's not really clear whether faceit AC client is supported or not. When i read about the featues it clearly says that FAC is supported but when i read on the forums it's not available to everyone ? ??
  7. B

    Question about ESP/WH League

    Does it support EAC? I can only find the anti-cheat list for LC 3.0, but what is the status for this cheat.
  8. PolishMaczo


    Hi is it possible to play on gifinity with visual? If nothing can be turn on?
  9. D

    eac support ?

    Does the league version support eac ac ?
  10. C

    I know faceit and ESEA still updating but how about CEVO

    Just wanna know if CEVO supported ATM or not =[
  11. Lekki

    PResale question

    I have got 38$ in my paypal, should I buy it or not? Does it work on ESL Wire?
  12. Rucket

    Review after 1 Week

    Aimbot: 8/10-Very Humanistic, did fuck up a couple of times but that was probably my fault. Trigger: ?/10-I never Used it ESP: 10/10-Just a solid ESP, not much else to say about it RCS: 9/10-Very realistic RCS, at times I couldn't even tell myself at times that I was using it. Security: 7/10-I...
  13. D

    Last Detection Dates

    I would like to know the last time the csgo cheat was detected for the following anticheat providers. 1. Vac 2. Cevo 3. EAC 4. Faceit
  14. P

    Csgo esl

    Does the cs go cheat support esl wire ? Is this officialy supported ? Im looking to buy it in order to cheat on esl on my main account ..wich is the esl version of the csgo cheat that supports esl
  15. M

    Features on Leagues

    So i've been wondering which features work in which league ? Also is it esl wire UD ?
  16. E


    Is gamersclub supported? If no, when it will be released the supported version?
  17. maikel

    Bought the cheat but still got a few questions...

    Hey guys, I just bought the csgo league cheat. And i still had a few questions. 1. When was the last detection on VAC/ESL/ESEA/FACEIT 2. How long does it take before VIP gets activated if you payed with PayPal? 3. And Is there a section with User made Configs (Legit ones) which you can...
  18. K


    Is LC WH/ESP can use on FaceIT or any other leagues ( ESEA, ESL, etc..) ?
  19. B

    about cs 1.6 cheats

    i want to ask, when the cheats start to bypass the eac and if the cheats support on windows 10
  20. J


    eac is running without risk of ban ? You can use esp ?