1. Resolved

    1 Frame 1 Kill

    Like my setting? Faceit has its new FlipGod coming soon
  2. V


    Hello! Does your aimbot aim through the walls? Is it possible to set it up like that? I would like to use some aimlock that is smooth and customizable (fov etc).
  3. rtgames1

    Another normal day in my life :) Deagle

  4. svgod

    How to win vs spinning shit with legit settings on matchmaking

    From 9 round to end spinning, ez pz. @1337xLeague @Narcas @sebus1315
  5. SantaS

    LeagueCheats in Real-Time

    League cheats in real-time, real moments.
  6. Dowiie

    4k galil faceit

    Got some nice 4k on Faceit! I zoomed in on the crosshair does it look legit? Sorry for the bad quality i don't know what i do wrong, when it get on Youtube it goes from full hd to shit.
  7. spy0x

    Trying to be close to fpl settings proj by tox :P

    Used fullbot by TOX , than modified for totally legit play. Used low FOV, high smooth + supersmooth, more bones than in a fullbot + its totally mouse1 settings (cause I cant use side buttons on my mouse) AK47 VIDEO - SMG-S - M4A1S in the start - ps: U need to be really good in this game to...
  8. albanerendk

    Some awesome frags :D

    As always, recorded in real-time. RCS might look a little shaky, was testing lower smooth, on chest hitbox. Just gonna use 8 super again though. Demo will ofc be clean :p
  9. D

    configuring faceit cfg :)

    Started configuring my faceit cfg today. Still some changes to do but im pretty satisfied this far. s 7 ss, 8 fov, 1.35, rcsfov 5/3. On the first clip (pistols) I didnt use any aimbot except on the guy that was on stairs. I will not use pistol aimbot on faceit only dgl. pov from 128 tick retake...
  10. elwin1000

    4K Deagle ToX Settings

    Probably have to increase smooth value. This ghost bullets :D Enemy was obvious and They did not deserve to win sooo... :D I rekt them
  11. Aaron

    Some flicks

    Off the bat: I don't know WHY they look so locky. I have 3.50 smooth and 2 super, which is more than enough as I actually tested with POV demos in 128 and 64tick. So, fuck CSGO Demos:
  12. Aaron

    Why you should never worry

    Fuckin smooth.
  13. FD^GoD

    Perfect pistol settings ;D

    So ez ACE on my own seetings :D
  14. C


    Is 1 smooth a lot of smoothing or is 1 the minimal amount possible?
  15. FD^GoD

    How to fun with LC using AWP :D

    Sorry for black bars and bad quality :D
  16. albanerendk

    3 Deagle 1taps & M4 3k | Need Feedback

    Deagle clip: M4 clip: I just feel a little blatant because I often drop these 30-40 bombs. It's unrealistic to be so consistent, is it not? :P On deagle I used 7 super smooth and 15 smooth, 1 FOV. What do you guys think of this? On rifles I used 6 super smooth, 15 smooth, 1FOV and CHEST...
  17. DerRiese

    CS:GO Questions before I buy

    Hey guys, Ive been looking at a few cheats now (h*xui, LC and in*uria) and dont know which to purchase so far. From what Ive seen it a lot of Untrusted and Vac bans from h*xui and their bullshit premium and exclusive that get better protection on their cheats. Ive heard good things about LC and...
  18. N


    does the aimbot/rcs on non-leauge cheat work on faceit?
  19. B

    How does the aimer works? And some other questions

    Hey guys I will buy the Multi League hack and want know how directly work the aimer i only want aim help nothing else. And when i play esea or something where i dont wanna cheat. Is it visible on my PC? Can i use it from a usb stick? Ty for the help maybe some germans here to explain it in...
  20. Mar1k

    LeagueCheats - CS:GO Cheats | The Best AIMBOT In The World