1. V


    Hello! Does your aimbot aim through the walls? Is it possible to set it up like that? I would like to use some aimlock that is smooth and customizable (fov etc).
  2. C


    Is 1 smooth a lot of smoothing or is 1 the minimal amount possible?
  3. DerRiese

    CS:GO Questions before I buy

    Hey guys, Ive been looking at a few cheats now (h*xui, LC and in*uria) and dont know which to purchase so far. From what Ive seen it a lot of Untrusted and Vac bans from h*xui and their bullshit premium and exclusive that get better protection on their cheats. Ive heard good things about LC and...
  4. N


    does the aimbot/rcs on non-leauge cheat work on faceit?
  5. B

    How does the aimer works? And some other questions

    Hey guys I will buy the Multi League hack and want know how directly work the aimer i only want aim help nothing else. And when i play esea or something where i dont wanna cheat. Is it visible on my PC? Can i use it from a usb stick? Ty for the help maybe some germans here to explain it in...
  6. H

    League functions

    Hi, I'm thinking of buying your cheat but I still got some questions. 1.) I saw your hack is esl wire proof, can you tell me when the last detection was if there was one? Also with wich features I'm able to play with? Aimbot only or full (esp/trigger/aimbot)? 2. Also I want to know with wich...
  7. J


    I wonder if the cheat is hard to setup and use? And how long time would it take from the point i purchased until its ready to use? Also, Im planning on using it on faceit so is it undetected on faceit?