1. J

    can i pay with skins??

    i haven't find a way to pay via skins, how do i do it? I have an Empress AK47 and an Asiimov AWP, how much is it worth it here in terms of subscriptions? Unable to create tickets for some reason, cheers
  2. B

    i want to buy

    Hello , i want to buy with skins , can someone from staff help me ?
  3. Thomisk

    What do you guys think about the new trade rules ?

    Well,as almost everyone knows,valve made new update notes,which is about the new trading rules. You basically get 7 days cooldown,when you trade your skin/item. For me personally it's pretty annoying,when you want to trade your skin and you get 7d cooldown. Well I think there's a bit of a...
  4. Thomisk

    (Off-topic) Do you guys know some sort of legit site,where I can store my items ?

    Well, we are all using a LC here and most of all has been using lc on their main accounts. I trust LC so much,that I do that too. But you know,like i wanna feel even more safe,when I have high valued skins on my inventory and I kinda wanna just store it somewhere,where I can retrieve it again to...
  5. Kyle62

    Injecting on main

    Imma bit scared to inject on my main. Should I? Has $1000 inventory
  6. ernestlim05

    You guys know u can inject 2 cheats ?

    u guys can inject two cheats in csgo at once idk if you guys knew,but this is new for me. my hvh cheat : vacwebz and my legit one (leaguecheats) can be used together! lc dosent have skinchanger,but vacebz does. vacebz has hvh features,but lc dosent, so its basically a hvh + rage + legit combo...
  7. xans

    So it seems my luck has returned

    Well, yesterday I had some old skins (around $10) on my inventory, decided to give a shot on some coinflips and ended the day on $96 So after that I was thinking well, my luck is gone now, no reason to botter again, but guess what, being stupid as I am I decided to go all in over a flip knife...
  8. pikachu

    How to get free skins from Youtubers *clickbait* *jk*

    Hey guys! First off, sorry for bed england. Here's a quick tutorial on how to get free skins from youtubers. Kappa Enjoy getting new skins! ez pz VaultBoy I know it's an video from 2015 but I just saw it and I sincerely can't stop laughing at all. LOL! --edit I thought only LC customers...
  9. Xiuston2

    One Global vs 5 Silvers

    Yo peeps. So after probably two years, Ive managed to decay my smurf from DMG to Silver 2, and today I decided I wanted to do one matchmaking and see what rank I would get, and try out my new deagle/pistol settings. Note that this is 32 tick demo. Pistol has 1.45 fov, 6 smoothaim, 8 supersmooth...
  10. panzer

    EZ CARRY by ToX MM 160 PING LC WIN :p

    They tell "panzer isn cheating" ... offcourse, i'm too legit :P lol
  11. KKUkUr2017

    FACEit ??

    Whats the highest level or league u achieved with LC hack on faceit ? Lets see :P
  12. A


    Does anyone sell the cheat for skins? I only have Money on my steam account and the price on website is ridiculous
  13. albanerendk

    Disgustingly Legit Deagle Kills From Today + Tec-9 Bonus Clip

    Back at it again, with the desert eagle :) Settings used(for those who want 'em): Can't upload it to my "legit" channel, cuz I forgot to disable dlight during these games lel. feelsbadman...
  14. T

    New payment methods available! PSC, Skins, Steam Wallet Code, BTC and many more!

    Hello everyone, We are taking feedback from you guys & girls (@Noname) seriously. We are introducing new payment methods to our system: -Paysafecard -MINT Cash Cards -Steam Wallet Codes -Skins -BTC More information can be found here: Link Please do not ask about FaceIT update in this thread...
  15. jesus123

    Good CS:GO Skins?

    It's about that time I finally have some extra cash :P I believe I will be extending my LC subscription another 3 months, and purchasing maybe $100 worth of skins. Please post your suggestions on which you think is the best skin for x gun and the price of the skin. For example: Ak47 - Point...
  16. xl3loodx

    4k Deagle + Ace #bestdeaglecfg

    Get ToX's cfg, it's amazing!
  17. V

    Main and Smurf

    What's the best way to not get VAC on both your main and smurf in case of a ban wave? I know for a fact that family sharing needs to be off, but what more could you do? I want to use LC on my smurf, and I would love for it that my main isn't affected in any way. Any thoughts?
  18. genuineerican

    GenuineErican - Inception (Short Edit)

    This is a really short edit, once of my first. Enjoy! Edit: Watch it on YouTube fullscreen, the quality is better.
  19. T

    How to get ez skins from FaceIT League ;) by ToX

    1. Buy League Multi CS:GO 2. Buy premium @ FaceIT 3. Find 5 man lobby stack with LC 4. Win everything 5. Get skins from FaceIT 6. Say thanks to @Jimster480
  20. anotherlegend

    just 1tap x rekt