1. J

    can i pay with skins??

    i haven't find a way to pay via skins, how do i do it? I have an Empress AK47 and an Asiimov AWP, how much is it worth it here in terms of subscriptions? Unable to create tickets for some reason, cheers
  2. B

    i want to buy

    Hello , i want to buy with skins , can someone from staff help me ?
  3. xans

    So it seems my luck has returned

    Well, yesterday I had some old skins (around $10) on my inventory, decided to give a shot on some coinflips and ended the day on $96 So after that I was thinking well, my luck is gone now, no reason to botter again, but guess what, being stupid as I am I decided to go all in over a flip knife...
  4. Xiuston2

    One Global vs 5 Silvers

    Yo peeps. So after probably two years, Ive managed to decay my smurf from DMG to Silver 2, and today I decided I wanted to do one matchmaking and see what rank I would get, and try out my new deagle/pistol settings. Note that this is 32 tick demo. Pistol has 1.45 fov, 6 smoothaim, 8 supersmooth...
  5. panzer

    EZ CARRY by ToX MM 160 PING LC WIN :p

    They tell "panzer isn cheating" ... offcourse, i'm too legit :P lol
  6. A


    Does anyone sell the cheat for skins? I only have Money on my steam account and the price on website is ridiculous
  7. albanerendk

    Disgustingly Legit Deagle Kills From Today + Tec-9 Bonus Clip

    Back at it again, with the desert eagle :) Settings used(for those who want 'em): Can't upload it to my "legit" channel, cuz I forgot to disable dlight during these games lel. feelsbadman...
  8. T

    New payment methods available! PSC, Skins, Steam Wallet Code, BTC and many more!

    Hello everyone, We are taking feedback from you guys & girls (@Noname) seriously. We are introducing new payment methods to our system: -Paysafecard -MINT Cash Cards -Steam Wallet Codes -Skins -BTC More information can be found here: Link Please do not ask about FaceIT update in this thread...
  9. Sluqx

    4k Deagle + Ace #bestdeaglecfg

    Get ToX's cfg, it's amazing!
  10. genuineerican

    GenuineErican - Inception (Short Edit)

    This is a really short edit, once of my first. Enjoy! Edit: Watch it on YouTube fullscreen, the quality is better.
  11. T

    How to get ez skins from FaceIT League ;) by ToX

    1. Buy League Multi CS:GO 2. Buy premium @ FaceIT 3. Find 5 man lobby stack with LC 4. Win everything 5. Get skins from FaceIT 6. Say thanks to @Jimster480
  12. anotherlegend

    just 1tap x rekt

  13. T

    Legit vs Rage

  14. N

    Want to purchase w/ keys

    Hello! How much in keys cheat costs? + With NO LEAGUE cheats i still can play in faceit master league?
  15. anotherlegend

    -4 Clutch Faceit

    Got diamond league 2day </3 so fkn close to master first match got clutch
  16. anotherlegend

    -5 Clutch (Road to FPL again)

    so, i started my new way to FPL :) GL for me
  17. Wattsit

    Payment Via Skins + a few other questions!

    Holllaaa, New here. Got a few questions if someone would be kind enough to answer them for me! I'm looking for a cheat that supports FaceIt, MM and ESEA - after trying a few cheat providers I'm really hoping that LC really does what it says on the tin :) 1) When was the last detection for MM...
  18. S

    About purchase

    possible buy this cheat with skins? ty.
  19. S

    Quick Question before Buying

    Is it possible with the Hack to get Skins ingame only Visible for me? Some hacks offer this Option. If not is there another way to get those fake skins? Anyways looking forward to use the hack soon! :)
  20. X

    Payment by skins

    I want to pay with skins whom to me to contact?