1. J

    Servers wont load on CEVO

    Tried playing on CEVO and didnt see any servers. Anyone else having the same problem?
  2. I

    cs 1.6

    does it works with MyAC?
  3. X

    Any experience on Esportal?

    Do anyone know if some version of this cheat bypasses the Esportal anti-cheat?
  4. G

    Some questions.

    Hey, I buyed subscribe for league verison last night.I'm the new user with LC. 1-) This league verison support FACEIT ? 2-) This league version support MM,Community servers,Public servers ?
  5. D

    Hello just bought the cheat

    Hello i just bought the MULTI League cheat for csgo and i wanted to know if u can use ESP on faceit when u have no faceit ac force?
  6. T

    Auth system downtime 18.10.16

    Hello everyone, The auth servers are currently down. Our upstream provider is having an outage impacting multiple providers on the East Coast. We are working to bring our services back online. Thank you for your patience, LeagueCheats Staff Edit: Servers back online!
  7. S

    Usable at a non-BYOC LAN?

    I'm going to be playing in some LANs soon, & I wanted to know if this was usable at LANs that weren't BYOC? I have a method that I can get the cheats into the computer safely but I wanted to get a cheat I could actually use at LAN first. Thanks in advance.
  8. T

    Auth system downtime 29.08.16

    Hey all, Our auth servers are currently down. We are running some sort of connection issues. Servers will be back soon! Edit: Fixed!
  9. Jimster480

    Auth system under maintenance

    Hey all, We are doing some late night updates on our CDN system that our auth runs on. Please be patient as the cluster will be back up soon. Thanks Sent from my HTC 10 on Sprint Servers are back up now!
  10. thegame


    Hi, I am playing on US SERVERS most of the time although i live in EU. so the ping is between 150 to 250, Which is a bad thing but the aimbot is snapping shooting the wall and so on why is that ? is there any config i do have the FOV HIGH because of the ping as i said but can it be something...