1. S

    Hello, some good config for ESL?

    Hey, some good cfg for ESL? And what is detected and what no? Thank you.
  2. I


    Hey! Maybe gonna buy, do you support esportal client? The multi league version. Is the aimbot any smooth, triggebot etc? How long VAC ud? Any experience with esportal client?
  3. S

    CS 1.6 Cheat Still Available?

    Hi, I know there's no HL1 support right now but I can still use the cheat right? I just need walls and I assume there's instructions when I download. If not, could someone point me the way to the thread that does? I've been looking but I'm just too confused. I didn't look that hard but I hate...
  4. Thomisk

    Quick question.

    Just from curiosity. I know that you guys are going to focus more on 3.0,so I just needed to ask.. Will 2.5 be as secure as it is right now ? Like will you guys be able to take care of 3.0 and 2.5 to have all of those versions as secure as it can be ? Thanks :)
  5. G

    when i buy i must wait?

    when i buy the cheat i mujst using 6 month to bypass faceit client ?
  6. T

    Faceit Status

    Hey there, I've been looking for something that can go on Faceit servers and wanted to confirm that the FaceIt bypass is working before buying
  7. Arnold

    Review after 1 month with LC multi

    Well as many others I started my LC experience with many problems (Starting with finding decent config and etc). I do understand what made people hate this cheat. But if you don't give up on it you are up for a very good surprise. Aimbot: 9/10 With the right settings the aimbot of the cheat is...
  8. T

    LC 2 or LC 3 ?

    I get that LC 3 is in Beta right now and only few users can have it. But if i buy the league version now which leagues are supportet than ? I didnt find something about it. Thanks for your help
  9. E

    About PVPRO

    Hello there, I'm the new guy, I want to buy the cheat, but can I buy the cheat and cheat on PvPro ? Like is it undetected on PVPRO ? I was looking little bit on your site and i see some are detected, some undetected like i can't buy cheat now and cheat on faceit client anti cheat right ? Only...
  10. S

    Betaaccess / new account / Stream

    Hey guys, im a lil bit confused. Looking for a fAC/EAC proof hack of course and i know about your guys beta. So i wonderd, if i order LC League on a 3 month base (90$?), will i be able to test your beta? Plus my second question; Is it possible to use your hacks on stream? I've never used...
  11. F

    Question regarding subscription

    Hi, I'm considering to buy the League Multi Cheat for 3 months, but I also want to buy LC 3.0, when it comes out. Would I be able to upgrade it to 3.0 when it comes out, for a lower price, or would I need to pay for the full subscription also?
  12. R

    Account Insurence?

    I heard about LeagueCheats HAS a account insurence is thats right, and if yes, how does it work?
  13. davidmuzema

    faceit client/server-side ud and GC

    hi imma about buy a month and i wanna know if its UD on those leagues.
  14. J

    EAC Support

    Is the League Version supporting EAC right now? I found some threads in which you say Yes and some No. Please help
  15. S

    Esea beta proof

    Hello i wanna buy lc league option,is IT esea proof right now ?
  16. Y

    CSGO Multi League vs CSGO Multi Non-League LC 3.0 Beta FaceIT?

    Wondering what the exact difference is? I did a google search and apparently its just userbase? there has to be more right
  17. R

    EAC proof

    Hi, I was wondering if when it's released will it have EAC bypass?
  18. S

    LC Undetection Streak?

    Hey guys, I've been a past user of a different private cheat. However, it was detected a few months back which got my main banned with over $1000 worth of skins in the inventory. Now that the fume has cooled down a bit, I would like to re-enter the game with a different cheat provider. I was...
  19. sebus1315

    Can i delay cheat injection?

    Ass in title . Can i delay cheat injection . I mean like injecting 5 minutes after turning on cs go?
  20. L

    LC Review

    SUPPORT 10/10 Support is amazing the staff and customers are very fast to answer to your questions and they always try to help. AIMBOT 10/10 Aimbot is great when you get the right settings. I bought cfg from @Virus1x because i was too lazy to make my own :D But even the free settings are really...