1. T

    VACnet AI UNDETECTED | Leaguecheats 3.0 | 2d Aimbot Dynamic FOV

    Thanks to @maromba4j for this vid!
  2. I


    Hey! Maybe gonna buy, do you support esportal client? The multi league version. Is the aimbot any smooth, triggebot etc? How long VAC ud? Any experience with esportal client?
  3. T

    CS:GO Mirage Gameplay | ESL CEVO Gfinity Undetected

    Credits to @Aaron
  4. S

    CS 1.6 Cheat Still Available?

    Hi, I know there's no HL1 support right now but I can still use the cheat right? I just need walls and I assume there's instructions when I download. If not, could someone point me the way to the thread that does? I've been looking but I'm just too confused. I didn't look that hard but I hate...
  5. Thomisk

    Quick question.

    Just from curiosity. I know that you guys are going to focus more on 3.0,so I just needed to ask.. Will 2.5 be as secure as it is right now ? Like will you guys be able to take care of 3.0 and 2.5 to have all of those versions as secure as it can be ? Thanks :)
  6. G

    when i buy i must wait?

    when i buy the cheat i mujst using 6 month to bypass faceit client ?
  7. T

    Dust II Headshot machine

    Special thanks to: Big Shaq @Aaron
  8. T

    OG Cache Gameplay

    Special thanks to: Big Shaq @Aaron
  9. Get_Right

    some csgo record

    cheating or not?
  10. T

    Mad Frags CS:GO Gameplay

    Player: Big Shaq @Aaron
  11. Arnold

    Review after 1 month with LC multi

    Well as many others I started my LC experience with many problems (Starting with finding decent config and etc). I do understand what made people hate this cheat. But if you don't give up on it you are up for a very good surprise. Aimbot: 9/10 With the right settings the aimbot of the cheat is...
  12. T

    LC 2 or LC 3 ?

    I get that LC 3 is in Beta right now and only few users can have it. But if i buy the league version now which leagues are supportet than ? I didnt find something about it. Thanks for your help
  13. E

    About PVPRO

    Hello there, I'm the new guy, I want to buy the cheat, but can I buy the cheat and cheat on PvPro ? Like is it undetected on PVPRO ? I was looking little bit on your site and i see some are detected, some undetected like i can't buy cheat now and cheat on faceit client anti cheat right ? Only...
  14. S

    Betaaccess / new account / Stream

    Hey guys, im a lil bit confused. Looking for a fAC/EAC proof hack of course and i know about your guys beta. So i wonderd, if i order LC League on a 3 month base (90$?), will i be able to test your beta? Plus my second question; Is it possible to use your hacks on stream? I've never used...
  15. T

    Leaguecheats.com for CS:GO Gameplay | UNDETECTED FaceIT AC Client EAC Challengeme Gamersclub GFinity

    Special thanks to @albanerendk
  16. F

    Question regarding subscription

    Hi, I'm considering to buy the League Multi Cheat for 3 months, but I also want to buy LC 3.0, when it comes out. Would I be able to upgrade it to 3.0 when it comes out, for a lower price, or would I need to pay for the full subscription also?
  17. R

    Account Insurence?

    I heard about LeagueCheats HAS a account insurence is thats right, and if yes, how does it work?
  18. davidmuzema

    faceit client/server-side ud and GC

    hi imma about buy a month and i wanna know if its UD on those leagues.
  19. J

    EAC Support

    Is the League Version supporting EAC right now? I found some threads in which you say Yes and some No. Please help
  20. S

    Esea beta proof

    Hello i wanna buy lc league option,is IT esea proof right now ?