1. Resolved


  2. Excited Mayhem

    FaceIT Anti-Cheat Client

    Hi League Cheats, Any idea when League Cheats are going to support the FaceIT Anti-Cheat Client? Regards, Excited Mayhem
  3. R

    username and payment

    where can i see my username and wht should i do if i buy the cheats and still not a member yet. im not put my username and pass when i buying the cheats, cuz i thought its liek a gift or something
  4. Difardifar

    4:3 Resolution

    Hey, i just recieved my email to download and etc, but i noticed that it said, that hack works best in 1920x1080 windowed, and my shit computer cant take that :( So i was wondering, how does the hack work in 4:3 resolution? thats the only thing my computer can handle, and 1280x720. Best regards,
  5. S

    HWID Locked

    So lets say I wanted to cheat on LAN. Would I be able to use the cheat on another computer without having to reset my HWID which some cheats require?
  6. Defsire

    Simple Question

    To whom it may concern 1) I wanted to use this on face-it and in MM, but most of the time I will be playing face-it what will be the best option for me if I wanted to use aimbot/aim assist, ESP/Walls and Trigger. those are the main features I'm looking for. Please let me know what will be the...
  7. J

    S1mple LC youtube banner

  8. D

    Can i still use wall hack on faceit non anti cheat>

    Can i still use wall hack on faceit non anti cheat> gonna cheat tonight in free queue ?
  9. Run2Die

    Do the Cheats work on Classic Offensive?

    Just askin
  10. L

    Need to activate

    jim boss pls
  11. I

    A question about the Banwave Insurance.

    Hey. I was wondering if there comes a Banwave and I (Someone) gets banned while they have the Insurance, do you get them another account that has everything they had on their banned one? If I'm wrong please tell me how the Banwave Insurance works before I buy it. And is the Banwave Insurance...