1. Goofy


    I used to be a customer of Jimster480 in CS 1.6/CSS back in the day for private league builds and reached nearly the top of my country using his shit before finally getting detected. I was wondering if he still makes private league builds and if so how can I get in contact with Jimster480...
  2. J

    Cheat CS:GO

    Counter Strike: Global Offensive Cheats is functional in gamersclub?
  3. D

    Faceit ac client

    Hey,want to ask,cheats works on faceit with faceit anti-cheat client??
  4. Get_Right


    hi guys i need to know about 40$ gc ... any eta?
  5. fuckingme

    Hello people

    I would like to see more visual evidence of the program itself showing that it really works, I'm super interested and I could read all about the identification requirements for the Private League mode, I'm from South America and would love to see evidence of videos, photos or whatever but that...
  6. forzaBlack


    Are any of you guys playing fortnite ? Are you enjoyng it or what is your experience ? Do you know of any cheats in fortnite ? Its a hot topic since big youtubers started cheating in fortnite lately.
  7. B

    Facite Client

    Hello, I am looking for a haxa who will be legit on a facite client or sites where you can get one Regards
  8. Get_Right

    about gc 40$

    gamersclub 40$ alredy to buy? i need to know cuz im excited.
  9. serginhohenrique27

    Good Night!

    I checked the functions of the League and realized that it has WALL HACKER, but the same is detected in Gamers Club. Do yours have ESPSound? Sound that detects the enemy? Thanks in advance!
  10. N


    after some months, my subscription still frozen and Im still wanting to know if u r already done with gamersclub bypass?
  11. Juan Roberto

    Somenone help me with gamersclub?

    I need a cheat for gamersclub, can someone help me? thankssssssssssss
  12. E


    I used to use the non-league version for matchmaking then i stopped playing csgo for a while, im getting back into it but ive been playing esea instead. Is the league version detected on esea, can i use all the features, esp and aimbot atleast. Is it high risk to use on esea? All answers are...
  13. Artemi

    Hello. I'm back looking for FaceIT cheat

    Where i can buy it? is it works? lc 3.0? thank you... or i must buy private cheat to play faceit with anticheat? Thank you guys.
  14. A

    I'm BACK

    Hi guys ! How are you :D after 2 I guess I'm back playing csgo and back to this forum! I hope some of you remember me (Jimster :D) Lots of changes wow! So what's up ? Still private available? (I was an old customer of the private :p)
  15. T

    ESEA Undetected?

    Hello I'm looking into LC right now and everything is looking good I realise that I wont be able to get into LC 3.0 as of yet but I'm wondering on the League mode does it bypass ESEA client side? I see mentions of Faceit, ESL, EAC and many more but no mention of ESEA anywhere? Thanks a lot and...
  16. shigetora

    Easy 50 kills in Esportal

    Easy as fuck
  17. prtj88

    1 month testimony using the Private GC.

    Hello, I found a more convenient time to talk about using my PRIVATE LC. I am using the private LC of the GC, for 1 month and a few days, without any ban, its injection is different and undetectable, on the very legitimate settings, is currently safe aimbot, without using visuals, but I get a...
  18. A

    Custom Private Cheat?

    Hey, Is there any chance you guys at LC could code me a custom private cheat?
  19. W

    lc private

    how can i apply for the lc private? would like to get the faceit version not the GC one.
  20. N

    LC 3.0 vs ESEA

    Hello there, do you think LC 3.0 will be effectivew in ESEA or we do really need a private build as i heard the ESEA client is very intrusive ? thanks