1. C

    If i haven't Inject ?

    If i haven't inject cheat can i get banned from Face It Client or Esea ?
  2. Hexameron

    Couple of questions from a newbie here

    Hey guys, I just made an account. My long term goal is to get the custom ESEA build in 6 months time, if I have proven to be a trusted member. My question is, how do I get the "VIP subscriber" ? I have looked across the site and cannot see it. Sorry if this is a silly question. I plan on...
  3. A

    Config Buy: yes or no

    It is worth to buy config for 60$. It's hard to set yourself so that it looks legit? How much is the option to set? I will use only Aimbot.
  4. U

    seeking advice and small intro

    Hello guys, I am a soon-to-be costumer of lc and I was wondering what would the best aimbot feature for me, hopefully some of you can advice me wisely. I am already a good player, i have played against semi and pro teams and i played well, i have knowledge of the game, and i play at lv10 on...
  5. G

    General Enquiry....

    So I'm looking at buying the full league version of the cheat but before purchase i am just curious as to what i can actually use it on at the moment as the cheat stands i.e Faceit, CEVO, MM ect!
  6. shizm22

    No buy button

    hey, i want to buy your hack. but i can`t. When i click on buy cheats, i see no any buy button. can you help me here at this forum :D? https://gyazo.com/ae9ccc24884c500c9dc8e50d2de6b4d0 dear, shizm22
  7. Defsire

    Simple Question

    To whom it may concern 1) I wanted to use this on face-it and in MM, but most of the time I will be playing face-it what will be the best option for me if I wanted to use aimbot/aim assist, ESP/Walls and Trigger. those are the main features I'm looking for. Please let me know what will be the...
  8. F

    Payment Options

    Hey , i wanted to buy the cheat via Paymentwall ( psc ) but i only find paypal as an option if i try to check out ... How can i fix it ? : )
  9. X

    Silent LOAD LAN?

    Whether there is a silent loading in leaguecheats nonleague?Price 25$?
  10. mmS

    My questions

    Hello guys so far I have some questions about the Cheat -When will be Eac will be safe for the cheat -Can I buy it with german Psc -EZ to use? Or is the cheat complicated to install?
  11. B


    Been using this over the past few days and so far it's pretty good for what it does. Aimbot 6/10 I have had quite a few issues with the aimbot, I have yet to find any good settings for it so my score could easily be better if I was able to find some. It seems it has issues with it being...