1. pikachu

    Lc 3.0

    Does Lc 3.0 natively supports multicore enabled or still needs to use the 2.0 fix? And raw input? Need to use the fix to set to 1 aswell?
  2. Sarac007

    I have a few questions before buying

    from the 2015 i use different cheats for csgo,first i try a*mw*re 3 months (many times detected),h*xui 12 months(bad Aimbot),inte*w*bz 3 months(Fps drop from 200 to 90),and last Unity 9 months but after last update if i use this cheat my game lagg and i have var and fps drop. Questions...
  3. I


    Or on faceit disappears wh , without client obviously?
  4. XxXTheSuspectXxX

    [CS: GO] Some questions

    Hello, I'm interested in buying the cheat for CS: GO, but I have a few questions. -01- Can I pay by Rapipago / Pago Fácil? (Paymentwall) -02- Is it compatible with Gamers Club (GC)? Can I use all the options of the cheat or someone not? for example, I mustn't use visuals, bhop, etc. -03- Is it...
  5. C

    aimbot and matchmaking status

    1. i read on the purchase page you offer purchasable configs. does this mean the aimbot is difficult to configure for a new user or all users? this isn't my first time closet cheating but i am curious. 2. this may be a given, but this cheat is secure on vac and matchmaking sided anti-cheat...
  6. R


    Does the ESP work with any res? And does it work with multi core rendering on?
  7. N

    important questions? guess

    Hey. I have been out of this site for many months, now I got back and I have few questions 1) Did LC 3.0 get released? When I last used this site, it was LC 2.5 2) Do you still have to disable multicore rendering to make it work? 3) Can you use m_rawinput 1? Thanks Thankkss!
  8. albanerendk

    Awesome Glock Clutch & Sick AWP Ace & 4 Kills in 6 Seconds

    Enjoy fellas :D Some clips from today! Awesome Glock Clutch Sick AWP Ace 4 Kills in 6 Seconds
  9. FD^GoD

    AWP 4 KILLS + 360 kill

    So ez :D
  10. Giraffe1337

    Fullscreen and multicore rendering?

    I already bought the cheat, just waiting for Jimster to do his thing :) But i remember last time i was there, you couldn't have the game in fullscreen and had to disable multicore rendering, just wondering is that still a thing? o.O
  11. F

    lower end pc

    hi, will this cheat work with lower end pc's or is it just not worth it?
  12. iskA


    This person says that cheat shit: ( The best cheat LC<3
  13. N


    Hello. 1) Can you use multicore rendering without any kind of bugs? Without making the cheat having any kind of errors? 2) Is there any perfect config on vip section, or you can make own settings being perfect? 3) What do you mean by ban evading? I got banned on faceit once, but now I have 150+...
  14. SARS

    LC CS:GO Review (1 Month)

    The following is my honest review of League Cheat's CS:GO Multi cheat. -------------------------------------------------------------- Before I begin (I'm sure most people know this, but for newcomers who happen to read this), this cheat is not a rage hack or anything like that. You can apply...
  15. N

    Questions before buying >!! :D

    Hello. I m planning to buy non-league multicheat for cs go in 2 weeks or something like that. I am busy with school because I'm having the high school in another city than the one where I live so I play on my laptop and I play with 180 - 200 fps maximum. The questions are: -Is this hack making...
  16. anotherlegend

    Have some questions before buy in'

    Hello! I want to hear answers for that - 1) Will it work w/ out disabling multicore renendring (I doesn't need esp) 2) How huge fps drops I'll reach with disabled mc ren. (if it strongly recommend) P.S. I have i5 4690K + nvidia GTX950?