1. Z

    Gaming setup

    Hey guys, im getting a new gaming setup soon. I've got the most and want to ask yall, what gaming mouse and keyboard you can recommend me. My old one broke recently (rage), and now i need a new good one. No roccat, im done with these. Ill appericate all of your anwsers. greets, zane
  2. J

    Final Mouse "Review"

    Final mouse recently released a new mouse, now that may not sound like a big deal to you, because it not, its a fucking computer mouse, they hyped this mouse up too be some type of holy relic that they were releasing. The marketing behind this mouse was the most pretentious shit I have ever...
  3. Deggyy55


    Hello Guys ! :D Mouse with refresh 125 hz is the best option fot LC ?
  4. Edwin

    Mouse Bungee recommendations

    Hello guys, Don’t know if you’ve used these mouse bungees before, but they essentially eliminate the problem of those extra wires that sometimes get in your way of flicks. For example: Steel (the CS Pro currently IGL for Torqued) did a video on this ages ago...
  5. L

    logitech 403 wireless problems

    anyone using logitech mouse that I have and having similar problems? Thinking about getting a wired zowie mouse or something since it fucking flips 180 degrees up in the air more often these last days.
  6. kent5k

    Mouse problem

    With raw input 0, (needed for aimbot) When moving the mouse very slowly, it stops , or barely moves . like reverse mouse acceleration. any1 know a fix?
  7. Dexter Morgan

    What mouse do you use?

    Hey guys, when playing with LC on, i usually play 3 Ingame and 250 dpi, the problem is that i cant seem to find any mouse that can go 250 DPI :D And if i lower ingame sens and do higher dpi, then the aimbot start being to slow and shaky... Any idea on a mouse/fix for my issue?

    Cheater? Hey guys im just wondering what you guys think of it greetings from walliY
  9. xans

    How can I not do +30 kills with LC?

    I know my rank is supreme, yes, I'm a newbie, yes, I do have friends that are lower ranks unfortunately but they are my friends so it's fun playing with them. I'm not using ESP, not even triggerbots, and still, I made those type of scores, it seems LC is too stronk even without those 2... What...
  10. cottazzor

    m_rawinput 0

    When i use this ingame it like skips frames? When i move it really slow on the sides it barely move/ can't move, and I wonder what i need to fix? i have 400dpi 2.5 ingame m_rawinput 0. But when i move crosshair slow side to side it wont move pretty much
  11. Dexter Morgan

    Source Engine Mouse bug

    Hey guys, i got a bug with my mouse movement ingame, first of all i wanna clarify: The mouse is not the problem, i've reinstalled my pc, ive reinstalled steam/cs whatever, im not using razer synapse, works fine on raw_input 1, windows mouse accel off, cs mouse accel off. Ok, my problem is that...
  12. crankee

    Questions about this mous jittering

    Hello, i red the FAQ and saw this "Mouse is jittering / aiming to the left or right of the enemy? -Try changing your mouse polling rate to 125hz in the software provided by the manufacturer, check the documentation which came with your mouse, or find a YouTube tutorial if you don't have...
  13. 1Clicked

    Few Questions > before buying again

    Hey all, lot has changed since i last used this wonderful cheat. Got few questions to ask, 1. Does the non-league cheat ( $25USD ) support client and non-client faceit anti cheat. 2. Any new features added ? ( last time used was around august-november last year ) The most important question...
  14. Markus Dahl

    Mouse problems

    Hello, this thread is not cheat related, but i thought some of the geeks in here could shine some light on this for me. So recently(approx 4-5 weeks ago) I felt like my mouse wasnt responding correctly, but i tried to ignore it. By the end of this week, I noticed that i had some sort of...
  15. alchenda

    Having some trouble with my logitech mouse

    I have a logitech g700s mouse and want to be able to bind things to my mouse 4 and mouse 5, but can't. Even in the logitech mouse program I haven't found anything to the set the functions back to their normal functions are just to simply act as "mouse 4" and "mouse 5". Thanks to anyone that can...
  16. lht001090

    I can't set the key with v

    I want to set triggerkey use v but it's 56.. I have set it but not working! pls help.. but I see the bhopkey is v it set to 0x56,, I don't understand,,
  17. T

    Quick Testimonial

    Really good cheat, good quality and everything. I think I would really love it. But I need aimbot and if I disable raw input in game it makes my mouse jumpy and stuff and I cant move it that much at all without it spiraling out of control >_>.
  18. elwin1000

    New mouse

    Hello. I wanna buy new mouse, and i have a question :D How zowie EC1-A working with LC and how SS rival working with LC ! Regards!
  19. elwin1000

    Faceit with League again :D

    Hello! Today i was played some faceit with my <3 LC Friend. These are the results: #1 #2 #3 #4 (IDK what i' doing here, My mom can made higher score...
  20. Lucas129127


    I need help i just bought the "hack" i need the vip status and that :) 1 Question, how long have you been undetected VAC ? and faceit?