1. xans

    How can I not do +30 kills with LC?

    I know my rank is supreme, yes, I'm a newbie, yes, I do have friends that are lower ranks unfortunately but they are my friends so it's fun playing with them. I'm not using ESP, not even triggerbots, and still, I made those type of scores, it seems LC is too stronk even without those 2... What...
  2. crankee

    Questions about this mous jittering

    Hello, i red the FAQ and saw this "Mouse is jittering / aiming to the left or right of the enemy? -Try changing your mouse polling rate to 125hz in the software provided by the manufacturer, check the documentation which came with your mouse, or find a YouTube tutorial if you don't have...
  3. 1Clicked

    Few Questions > before buying again

    Hey all, lot has changed since i last used this wonderful cheat. Got few questions to ask, 1. Does the non-league cheat ( $25USD ) support client and non-client faceit anti cheat. 2. Any new features added ? ( last time used was around august-november last year ) The most important question...
  4. T

    Quick Testimonial

    Really good cheat, good quality and everything. I think I would really love it. But I need aimbot and if I disable raw input in game it makes my mouse jumpy and stuff and I cant move it that much at all without it spiraling out of control >_>.
  5. elwin1000

    Faceit with League again :D

    Hello! Today i was played some faceit with my <3 LC Friend. These are the results: #1 #2 #3 #4 (IDK what i' doing here, My mom can made higher score...
  6. Lucas129127


    I need help i just bought the "hack" i need the vip status and that :) 1 Question, how long have you been undetected VAC ? and faceit?
  7. Admin

    CSGO Update 22/04/2016

    All the CSGO cheats are updated and currently work with the new update released today.
  8. VladimirPutin

    LG coldzera another one 0:05s move @FaTaN im curious how will you exlapin this one? Mouse lift? VaultBoy
  9. Thing

    lc pistols

    This is why mouse 1 as aimkey is inferior to other aimkeys. PC power button as aimkey best tho.
  10. Giraffe1337

    Welcome to the zoo niggas

    FaTaN, Tox! Duh hello.. We meet once again, the time has come where this Giraffe once again must join the pack. But first i need to have some information about this zoo, since it been a while. 1.) This Giraffe have some massive balls and he needs to cheat at lan, but the haters knows Giraffe...