1. VAULT1909

    Platinum ************** best staff

    commented this & salty admins delete my account xD
  2. D

    Pricing question

    Hey, so basically this came up to me, I am pretty sure I have money to buy any other cheat, but I still love leaguecheats so I won't. For quite some time I`ve been gathering money for a one month subscription for this cheat , which is super great but expensive at the same time. I have 20 euros...
  3. E

    Hello Guys.

    Hi guys, i've been away from LC for a while now and i've just resubbed. Can anyone tell me whats the diffrence between the Normal setup and the advanced setup. How advanced is the exensive one and what do i get in the cheaper one. Maybe there is an thread that explains this but i didnt manage...
  4. Heraxion


    How does faceit AC auto bans working? If im getting banned, does all account who have played on my hardware before also get an ban? Or just account playing after? Does it track IP/emails or anything else? Thanks for answers guys!
  5. Get_Right

    the suspect

    when u dont know how to use cheat (trigger mainly) at 9:16
  6. 1337xLeague

    Thanks Gaben for theCloves

    Its the moment when you spend fucking 2.5 as joke to Gaben and get 200bucks back <3
  7. ezpzk2k

    Can i have my money back?

    I feel extremely unconfortable sending a picture of my id to some shady cheating site, like wtf? Why do i need that for, also you take money before saying anywhere that you need a picture of the id? This is fucking shady
  8. Get_Right

    bad review

    hi, few days ago i bough lc and my experience isn't good. my pc is low end and doesnt work fine with this cheat, i call support and make ticket for try fix this but doesnt work. my money isnt for free... i work for.. so this cheat doesnt work very well on my pc and i try refound friendly and i...
  9. sebus1315

    case opening

    That feeling when after 200 cases you get fcking butt plugs when you see special rare item its like woowowowow yeeee and then :okay::okay::okay::okay::okay::okay::okay::okay::okay::okay::okay::okay::okay::okay::okay::okay::okay::okay::okay::okay::okay::okay: pls kill me :(
  10. A


    Does anyone sell the cheat for skins? I only have Money on my steam account and the price on website is ridiculous
  11. Fazehaze1

    Was told to edit instead of make a new reply

    The issue is its been over a month i tryed emailing him and making support tickets
  12. XXKIDDO420XX


    Hey. I just wanna tell all of you guys it was a great fun time with community. etc. Ive done some mistakes with being toxic. and now its time to go. Hope you guys are stil going to own faceit..
  13. J

    PRO Cheat Setup

    Anyone know if the pro setup worth?
  14. Virus1x

    LC's promise to our users.

    I've kind of never mentioned it because it usually was going without saying but we believe in pure transparency with all our users, future and current. We get contacted daily, begging and offering money and profits asking us to betray our customers our morals and our integrity. We will never...
  15. JoeySalads

    Anyone know any good GTA Online Mod menus?

  16. owardag

    That moment when you got caught and try to hide it!

    RIP Jerkoffdan
  17. S

    Price went up :<

    Price went up for the weekly now I can't afford rip 2015-2015 Yes i am poor don't make any more kek