1. Prothero

    Some tard streaming some paste cheat on youtube HAHAHA

    izi ban no? xd (if i cant post this shit just delete, np)
  2. T

    first game using LC

    not the best clip but wondering if it looks legit :p
  3. T

    CS:GO Mirage Gameplay | ESL CEVO Gfinity Undetected

    Credits to @Aaron
  4. xans

    Help with Colors

    Heyo friends, I made a new logo for myself to use here at the forums, and need some opinions on which one you guys think are prettier: Red: Blue:
  5. D

    Aimbot question.

    Hey, so basically I realised there is a non league version, since blind me didn't see that earlier and asked the staff for a discount lol I have some questions , about the aimbot , I really saw how awesome it looks in the vids from lc youtube channel. Really satisfying to watch. 1. Can you...
  6. tomato

    Small Settings Showcase (Lan&Streaming)

    Hey guys, after a few weeks of work and testings, I am somewhat confident with my config to showcase some weapons. This config is targeted towards Lan & Streaming Gameplay. Please note that recording with OBS (NVENC) makes the game somewhat microstuttery, which might make some moments look not...
  7. A

    Darky kind of fanart XD

    Im making also avatars, signatures,banners for yt,facebook etc. feel free to ask!
  8. vhenujjne

    They like?

    First, sorry for my English, not the best I know. I know it's not a screenshot, but I didnt know where to upload it I made this design -> here in HD: https://imgur.com/cCwvkUj And I wanted to know if they liked it, I did a couple more but it does not raise it, just the same way if they want to...
  9. LC1337

    LEGIT or LC ?

    Are you guys good enough to see if it's a legit clip OR a clip recorded with LC ? Tell me ! (recorded on FaceIT) https://plays.tv/video/5951e7550a0da47570/4kills
  10. XXKIDDO420XX


    https://clips.twitch.tv/DiligentVibrantReubenCoolStoryBro Hey guys im just wondering what you guys think of it greetings from walliY
  11. D

    random shot, spraytransfers.

    I usually test my configs on 128 tick retake servers. Did some sick noscopes and spraytransfers :D No aimbot on the awp frags and the spraytransfers :P First time using hlae and for some reason my soundfile gets corrupt unfortunately. I use 1.10 fov, high smooths, aimtime 150 and rcsfov 5...
  12. xans

    Another one

    Jokes apart, I've been working on this particular piece for some decent hours, it's quite simple but I was to damn indecisive trying a dozen shits for so long that when I realized all the evening was gone lol This time I used all screenshots provided by @panzer, @ToX and co. altogether :D...
  13. panzer

    Wallpapper work for new LC visual identity - THE BEST

    @xans are helping me with artwork, and he created this awesome artwork! - hes a professional webdesigner, so thats what we can expect from a professional @ToX @Jimster480 @Apache
  14. FD^GoD

    ESEA ez 4 pistol kills

  15. BadUSDhub

    LC vs Platinum

    What's the difference between LC and Platinum?
  16. Xiuston2

    Frags from last nights games

    Hi boijs. Clipped fast some frags from yesterday, first clip is with nohop=0, other than that, let me know what you think :)
  17. deniskaon

    Начинаем разыгрываться с LeagueCheats.

  18. Xiuston2

    Overpass Connector Ace

    Not so fancy the first three kills, but the last two I was happy about, so tought I'd share it. The colors looked good in connector, not so much when I came up.
  19. Sluqx

    Solid AK-47 Ace on Cache

    I'm not using wallhack in case you are wondering about that first kill, which was trough the smoke next to red (hard to see because of the blur) :p
  20. anden

    Some Old clip.

    Go check it out. Using my own config in the clip... Want more clips like this or a longer fragmovie? :)