1. kraeuterjunge

    5k AWP. Normal MM

    ayoo, just wanna show u guys my awp ace on cache. unfortunately a demobug at the end of the clip- ty valve
  2. A

    Stream protection

    So does the cheat have stream/video protection? Like for twitch or youtube ~I'll be VIP soon~
  3. S

    Just Fucking Wow

    I've come from a Mickey Mouse p2c to this. I've still to see if it works on faceit serverside as I'm banned from leaving 4 matches earlier on a shit hack they advertised as working on it and it didn't. Kept crashing. I got my email and i watched the youtube walkthrough, perfectly explained by a...
  4. Dawnyy


    Should I become Fodder 2.0???? I have a lot of friends who watch my yt and they dont know i cheat so im hesitent on making cheating videos :P
  5. Kyle62

    Feel Like Shit Cheating

    I have about 1.5k legit hours and 1.5k hours cheating on CS. I feel like a piece of shit every time I cheat but at the same time the game is way more boring when I play legit. I'm B+ on ESEA and recently joined an open team... I don't really want to start cheating again but I dont know what else...
  6. Resolved

    Is the background music too loud? Is the video any good?

    Me legit cheating w/knife
  7. Dawnyy

    I'm losing interest.

    I've been grinding ESEA lately and realized how much more fun it is to play legit, I'm enjoying not cheating, especially in MM, it's just boring, yes I can hit amazing shots and get clips that way, but just playing the game for what it is, is more fun, anyone ever had this feeling? Did you just...
  8. Dawnyy

    What are just these words from Bhop...

    Ok, so recently a vac wave hit and Bhop, the most blatant "legit" hacking youtuber, made a video about it, and in the video as you can see he saw multiple spam comments of leaguecheats, and complained about the price, how it is overpriced and it's aimbot is shit, it isnt well coded, and the esp...
  9. T

    first game using LC

    not the best clip but wondering if it looks legit :p
  10. Resolved

    AuHope yt intro

    I made this intro for my yt and i would like honest opinions. Suggestions would be nice as well :D How about this one? Also this one was just a template that i put my name in :confused: Got told by a mate i shouldnt waste time on making an intro and just get on from yt and put my name there...
  11. shigetora

    Easy 50 kills in Esportal

    Easy as fuck
  12. C

    I am a victim of Platinum cheats. I need information about everything

    Hello I am a victim of pl*tin*mcheats detection. My profile can be found here: https://pl*tin*mcheats.net/forum/u/Chibibowa/ I see this cheat is not HWID locked but IP locked. The problem is that my IP can change everyday and it would be a hassle to open a support ticket every damn day to get...
  13. T

    CS:GO Mirage Gameplay | ESL CEVO Gfinity Undetected

    Credits to @Aaron
  14. N

    Legit aimbot.

    Hi. After hitting global I got really bored by the game, the amount of cheaters is huge, so I decided to try too. I searched on google, I visited many websites and read many pages. Everyone claims to have the best aimbot and the best security, everyone has fanboys defeding their cheating...
  15. G

    First sub best hack !!

    I must say thank you first to the support, any question no matter how many there were answered and yes, all answers have helped for aimbot I say only 1a class very legit and rly does his Job Easy aces xD, First Time with the hack starts was for me complicated and everything was new but there...
  16. tomato

    Small Settings Showcase (Lan&Streaming)

    Hey guys, after a few weeks of work and testings, I am somewhat confident with my config to showcase some weapons. This config is targeted towards Lan & Streaming Gameplay. Please note that recording with OBS (NVENC) makes the game somewhat microstuttery, which might make some moments look not...
  17. panzer

    Carlera clutch master 4X1 @GAMERSCLUB

  18. fmr

    Korean Pro Team Rekt

    It's supposed to be sure win for them, but then an LC user stopped them. Lol. 1 FOV High Smooth Gaming. NO ESP. Used AWP of course. KING AWPER rekt. Who's the King now haha. TriHardPJSalt
  19. mcjhonnyhacker

    i buy cheats are they broken or good

    hi my friend buy many cheats for you for many year but says it keep breaking and not login recently he say auth server error. is league cheat good? should i buy still? help? does it get vac? my mom bought me my account. i dont want ban or i will be very very upset --- Double-post Merged (Please...