1. Oktamer

    Goodbye server crasher a*mw*re seems down too, at 01h56 24/04/2018 once again copypasta got rekt LC power.
  2. Y

    Hi, do I have to wait after purchasing?

    Do I have to wait after purchasing? Cuz theres several forums checking ID cards or something. I'm wondering if i can use it directly after purchase of cheat.
  3. 1337xLeague

    Never Lucky

    Again, after a half year 1 case opend aaaaand..... Never Lucky Kappa
  4. kanske

    I got the gloves i was thinking of making coffe

    True story: This morning making coffe, was fantasizing about what i would buy if i got Pandora's Box gloves factory new with very low float, as those are really high valued, i looked at a McSkillet Youtube video yesterday about expensive skins. As i have sold all my skins as i am taking a break...
  5. $nowii

    platinum skids mad lel

  6. wolfie.416

    a couple of pre sale questions..

    hello, just a few questions here: 1. activation time (buying from paypal)? 1 hour? 4 hour? ..? 2. What type of esp? Glow or Sound?
  7. cutiecat

    New pc!

    final results
  8. hybbitbabe

    VACced with IWebz . few pre-sell questions for LC

    Hello LeagueChest . I usually playing AWP/Pistol with "Silent Aim" which is provided by IWebz . Is there any feature similar to "silent aim" or some other feature instead with ? Is "Key bind for ESP" provided ? For ex : ESP active only if i pressed the bind key Thanks RIP SKIN
  9. Twilight Wolf

    List EPS

    Guys, please make screenshot of the ESP List. I want to know how it's looking.