1. Oktamer

    Goodbye server crasher a*mw*re seems down too, at 01h56 24/04/2018 once again copypasta got rekt LC power.
  2. Defiant

    Post your PC setup.

    I know we've got a pc spec thread but how about actual pictures of our setups?
  3. Mank Demes

    You think they reported me? I went 65 in 14 vs GN's Demo Link: steam://rungame/730/76561202255233023/+csgo_download_match%20CSGO-rKmLQ-dc3c7-9e5LH-TmAMs-QsXfE I actually want someone to watch this and tell me if im good
  4. Y

    Hi, do I have to wait after purchasing?

    Do I have to wait after purchasing? Cuz theres several forums checking ID cards or something. I'm wondering if i can use it directly after purchase of cheat.
  5. sebus1315

    Im back

    After long days and night without lc, I decided to f*ck some noobs . What could I say LC to stong? Funny cuz enemy was using LC:)
  6. 1337xLeague

    Never Lucky

    Again, after a half year 1 case opend aaaaand..... Never Lucky Kappa
  7. kanske

    I got the gloves i was thinking of making coffe

    True story: This morning making coffe, was fantasizing about what i would buy if i got Pandora's Box gloves factory new with very low float, as those are really high valued, i looked at a McSkillet Youtube video yesterday about expensive skins. As i have sold all my skins as i am taking a break...
  8. Xiuston2

    59 kills vs MGs

    So I played with a girl-friend of mine earlier tonight, pretty nice score. Let me tell you, they whined so hard :p
  9. Mar1k

    Wallpaper for LeagueCheats.Com By Mar1k

    ----------------------------------------------------------------------- RU: ----------------------------------------------------------------------- С любовью к LeagueCheats.Com от Mar1k'a Может кому очень понравится и сможет поставить эту картинку себе на рабочий стол...
  10. xans

    Bored with 3D Extrusion

    Not sure, for some reason I liked the concept with this font, care to share your thoughts?
  11. VAULT1909

    Feedback on my work? (I need support)

    Basically I'm trying hard to get accepted as a graphic designer by Tox, he says that if I can get good feedback on my thumbnails and wallpapers for LC then he'll promote me, any positive feedback or constructive criticism is appreciated. Every time you give me good feedback, the further I get...
  12. Aaron


    Third Prime account lmao
  13. panzer

    New LC WALLPAPPER black label

  14. navysonar

    My New Knife ! ! !

    Just trade my knife ! ! ! Look at this beauty ! M9 Gamma Doppler Phase 2 FN Max Green Pattern #INLCWETRUST
  15. Aaron

    MM Hero

  16. elwin1000

    Ez mm

    LC too strong for normal MM.
  17. $nowii

    platinum skids mad lel

  18. wolfie.416

    a couple of pre sale questions..

    hello, just a few questions here: 1. activation time (buying from paypal)? 1 hour? 4 hour? ..? 2. What type of esp? Glow or Sound?
  19. panzer

    Wallpapper with LC logo
  20. panzer