1. mph3xn

    About hl2 hack

    hi lc community. when was last updated hl2(cs:source) hack? can you add a new functionality, eg: best bone, recoil after, aim time, sound esp/sonar esp(or you have already added under the name - sequence esp??), visible esp, WEAPONCONFIG, etc. ? and how well your cheat bypasses SMAC and any...
  2. H

    ESL questions

    Hello, Before buying your cheat, I have few questions about it: 1) After reading a lot, I know how secure your cheat is in general, but, how secure is it on ESL? 2) Can I use WH in ESL? 3) In your Payment Page, it shows "Multi Cheat Options (ESP, Wallhack, Aimbot, Triggerbot and other...
  3. ColdSunl1ght

    Quick Q's before I repurchase

    Can you use raw input on 1 now for the aimbot? And is there any features that indicate if an enemy passes your crosshair? I want to have some external assistance of enemies locations on LAN. I gather you can set a key to activate a pixel esp and upon release of that key it turns off?
  4. E

    CSS Questions

    Got a few questions before I possibly buy Is CSS all updated? Can you play with m_rawinput? (I've read conflicting posts about it) What is this issue about the aimbot missing, and the solution is to lower mouse polling rate? Is there a feature list for the specific features in the menu I can see...
  5. L

    Review after 2 days

    I have bee trying to get the perfect settings for me for the last 24 hours, and i think it has worked out! its just insane! i can spray down 4 players no problem and still look super legit. Aimbot: 10/10. Just insane ESP: 9/10. perfect but would love to see some sort of bomb esp (might have...
  6. T

    Unityhacks rated as worst cheat provider by steam users! [NEW]

  7. jesus123

    Quick Question

    1. What features are UD on FaceIT? (Can I use Aimbot?) 2. When was the last Cevo detection, and the last FaceIT detection? 3. Are the anti-cheats on the main page updated?
  8. M

    Features on Leagues

    So i've been wondering which features work in which league ? Also is it esl wire UD ?
  9. K

    non-league features.

    just to clarify before i go ahead and make my purchase. am i correct in thinking the cheaper non-league version of league cheats has all the same features (aimbot, triggerbot etc) as the league version without the additional supported leagues? sorry if this has been asked a thousand times...
  10. K

    LeagueCheats - Testimonial

    Hello, I will be giving my honost feedback on "LeaugeCheats" and everything I say is what I honostly experienced! Why Did You Pick LeagueCheats? A very large reason I picked "LeaugeCheats" is because of the large variety of features that "LeaugeCheats" comes with, when I first looked at all...
  11. S

    i only play faceit

    should i just buy the 25usd instead of 35usd one since last time i just played faceit with 35usd one if i buy 25usd one is it same features and same undetected rate in faceit ?
  12. B

    Leaguecheats is still the best

    I'll admit, I've been testing other hacks. The other hacks I've tested had many more features, a larger userbase and more versatility. But where LC shines is simplicity. LC may not have many features, but each feature is amazing. When it comes to legit cheating, quality over quantity. I've also...
  13. Ziath


    i used to have this hack but spotted playing for a few months and I'm back but I got a few questions before I buy again. Does the hack have ESP when I used to have it there wasn't an actual ESP that worked but just a small little light. I know how to use ESP properly but was wondering if that...
  14. Jimster480

    LC2.5 CSGO Showcase

    This just finished today by Thing: See all the new features of the new League Cheats 2.5 release, with FaceIT, VAC, SMAC and other league support. GamePlay demo available very soon By ToX including clips from LC2.5 during beta stages!
  15. Br0nZy

    FaceIT features

    hello LC community I just had a quick question, could someone give me a list of the hack features that are not detected and usable on FaceIT? And how to inject etc.. Thanks in advance guys ♥
  16. A

    Screenshot forum

    Can be scoreboard-screenshots of games with the cheat, pictures of the cheat in action, pictures of mad people and stuff like that. We will post sneak peaks in this forum too.
  17. Br0nZy


    Hey guys I'm currently using HM and UnityCheats. I have 1 month left on Unity, so i'm looking to buy LC. I just got a few questions. Is there radar on faceit and is it undetected? Are there good configs for 1 taps on faceit? When was the last detection on faceit and what is EAC? Thanks for...
  18. L

    So what can I expect?

    Recently I've been looking through the internet for a league hack and this site seems to be the go to place as of now. I'm not really looking for features, but more security. Until now I have been using x22 for half a year and haven't been banned once, so is the protection better or worse? Also...
  19. dzonixx

    Heh sup guys wassap :)?

    I am back :D Everyone good :D ? On cheat still works all features like Psilent and etc? I need update i maybe would buy it :D
  20. C

    CSGO pre-purchase questions

    I am heavily into competitive matchmaking. With that being said I have a few questions I need answered before I decide what features are best for me. I am looking to play like I am very professional while still looking as legit as one possibly can using your hacks. I am a global elite and made...