1. K

    Does faceit ban GPU?

    Hi, i got banned for soundmixers and i wanted to create new acc. I did twice with spoofers and got banned after 10games. Currently im using my second pc but fps are not stable (144hz monitor) so i want to buy new pc. The problem is i can change processor, SSD and motherboard with ram but my gpu...
  2. P

    Legue Cheats - Faceit

    Siema. Czy League Cheats działa na Faceit AC ? Bo zamierzam się trochę wspomóc. Od jednych słyszałem, że lc działa na faceit ac ale przy zakupie wersji pro widać czerwony krzyżyk przy faceit
  3. Trivux

    Question about FaceIt again, sorry :(

    There's only one thing that is not clear to me and I really want to make sure about it. There are two separate downloadable FaceIT clients, the proper client where you find matches same as on the server, and the anti-cheat that MUST stay open while you play on their servers, or at least that's...
  4. Goofy


    I used to be a customer of Jimster480 in CS 1.6/CSS back in the day for private league builds and reached nearly the top of my country using his shit before finally getting detected. I was wondering if he still makes private league builds and if so how can I get in contact with Jimster480...
  5. Resolved

    1 Frame 1 Kill

    Like my setting? Faceit has its new FlipGod coming soon
  6. F

    Faceit Ac

    Hello, does anyone know what might be the problem, i created an account without playing a single match i was forced to download the client, i've never played faceit on the current hardware neither ip adress, didn't use same details of past accounts as well :/
  7. Rob Jau

    Why do you use MultiCheat?

    Atm ESL and CEVO is ultra Dead. You need to wait 1 hr or so till you can play with someone (ESL) Cevo is literally nobody playing it. Faceit is the best for fast matchmaking without cheats.
  8. R

    Use forum cfg

    How do I use the staff forum settings ?, I am new here and I am still learning to use the LC, I am using a file that comes with it, but how can I use one of other people?
  9. D

    Faceit ac client

    Hey,want to ask,cheats works on faceit with faceit anti-cheat client??
  10. M


    Добрый вечер, я хотел спросить, если этот хак работает на faceit, я играю на faceit из браузера с AC
  11. Abe

    Someone who doe's FACEIT BOOSTING?

    Hey! Do any of the LC members do FACEIT BOOSTING? Price per lvl if soo? And who? =)
  12. Y


    Hello everyone, i am new here and seeking for some help. i am looking for esp or radar hack for faceit browser games (not client thing). because i didn't understand buy page. which ony i have to purchase to play browser version faceit games? i have red some topics and it says that u dont...
  13. skyoi

    Question about MULTILEAGUE "pack"

    Hey i gonna ask if is the MULTILEAGUE Undetected with Faceit AC. Thank you for answer a wish you a nice day! I find the answer!Thank you u can lock the post.
  14. J

    Safe sites to use the cheat on.

    Hey, i know this question has probably been asked a thousand times but im going to ask it again :) Which third party matchmaking sites are safe to use with the leaguecheat version currently? Can somone please explain the server side and client side difference? Thanks in advance. /Julius
  15. S

    ex. LeagueCheater

    Hello! I used to play with leaguecheats forever. I can't remember the last time I re sub'd. Anyway, I was just wondering when do we think the faceit client side will be finished? Sorry if I am being pushy or rude, although in ESEA I have achieved main last season, and was rank G. (5k hours...
  16. B

    Facite Client

    Hello, I am looking for a haxa who will be legit on a facite client or sites where you can get one Regards
  17. Get_Right

    about gc 40$

    gamersclub 40$ alredy to buy? i need to know cuz im excited.
  18. shigetora

    75$ OMEGALUL

    What is this price xD? I can buy esportal cheat for 25$ if i want to why this insane price? I would expect Faceit Client atleast, i mean i can afford it but in my opinion its too much :/ 50$ would be the limit
  19. M

    Faceit AC

    Hi, Which cheat pack is good for Faceit AC ? I wanna buy it but idk which one is for this. I dont know whats server-sided or client ? Help me please, Thank you.
  20. S

    Just some quick questions before i'll buy.

    Hello everyone, i have been looking for a good legit cheat (for matchmaking, and hopefully FaceIT in the future ;) ), and come across your site. I've tried to watch a few vids of the cheat, and read the F.A.Q, but i do still have some questions; In the FAQ i read something about that the...