1. VAULT1909


    Last time i used league was ages ago so i dont have a sub, was it just detected?
  2. VAULT1909

    Why is detection history a blatant lie?

    I'm over cheating and all, but I typed L in and chrome autofilled league, so I decided to have a look back and I saw the detection history page, but it's all such lies, for CSGO at least. "CS:GO cheat came out in October 2012. VAC Detected in March, 2015 and 1/3 of the customer base was...
  3. H

    i wanna buy league version for ESL

    is it undetected for ESL right now? and how long have it been undetected if so
  4. Hi<3

    Banwave Insurance - Questions

    Hi guys, it's been a long time! Got a question about how banwave insurance works.. If the cheat gets detected I'm safe? I haven't used the cheat since january i guess or november. Is there something new about aimbot? The last detection was on may of this year. Should I buy this right now...
  5. J

    Cheat recommendation

    Hi! I haven't played cs for a while and started to feel the drive to wreck some bots again in matchmaking. So my question is which one of the cheats should I buy if i'm only interesting to use wallhack on matchmaking and a cheat that don't get detected very often? Best regards!
  6. T

    How to Avoid a VAC BAN 30% off Discount for Platinum customers!

    How to Avoid a VAC BAN 30% off Discount for Platinum customers! Tired of getting banned twice in a month? You didn't use the cheat but you still got banned because of Platinum's driver running 24/7 in the background? You care about security? Then fear not, LC is for you! I would like to remind...
  7. T

    PlatinumChe4ts detected again! Twice in a month!

    Free drama, free fresh memes, post whatever you have on ur mind :feels: No copyright memes, free to use/share :troll:
  8. Yeanstar

    Vac ban??

    So i used this cheat like 2 months ago..logged in to a smurf showing vac ban 4 days ago??
  9. D


    Is it true the last vac Detection was on October 2017? I read around some forums and picked that up so i wanted to confirm.
  10. Virus1x

    Progress Update

    I figured it's been awhile since we said anything and wanted to relay where we currently stood in development. Jimster has been working tirelessly to make sure we pushed out the best updates for our time spent and we thank everyone for bearing with us and supporting us through this. Currently as...
  11. M

    Faceit AC client

    Are these cheats detected by the Faceit Anti-cheat client? I'm interested in buying cheats that are undetected by the Faceit Anti-cheat client.
  12. B

    Questions about LeagueCheats

    Why should i go for league cheats? How is it securer than other providers? Does it support more AC's than other providers like LeagueMode? Last Detection? Any other info to help me learn about this cheat is appreciated, thanks in advance :)
  13. rileyjswish

    just a few questions

    i have a few questions before i considering buy, if anyone would help please answer I would appreciate that. 1. is undetected on csgo matchmaking? 2. is undetected on esea matchmaking?
  14. B

    Last detected?

    When was the non-league cheat last detected?
  15. R

    some questions before buying....

    How many coders are working on LeagueCheats? How long have u not been detected, and when did u get detected in the last time? How often did u got detected totally? How long have the coders experience in coding? Thx!
  16. L

    06.06.2017 VAC WAVE R3Cheats in*uria 5Dollar Cheats Chods-Cheats Aimtux

    Platinum,Chods RoyallHack and many more are DT ;)
  17. ZULUL

    Also new memeber!

    1. When was latest VAC detected on lc? 2. when i have bought the loader, is it easy to setup? 3. Does the loader need to be on a USB or some kind of virtual drive?
  18. K

    Interview with cheat developer Supex0

    I found it today on the internet so i decided to share it for you guys. Enjoy article!
  19. svgod

    Some old actions ;p

    LC powered of course ;d
  20. Potato


    Hi platinum just got detected and i want to post this because they talk a lot of shit about LC in ther forum i been a LC customer before and i will come back to LC in copel days because i can't trust theres COPY paste cheats. match love to LC