1. mathinos

    Multi-league version

    Hi all, I would like to ask you guys, is multi league version for 35$ per month have bypass to EAC? Thanks
  2. N


    after some months, my subscription still frozen and Im still wanting to know if u r already done with gamersclub bypass?
  3. Artemi

    Hello. I'm back looking for FaceIT cheat

    Where i can buy it? is it works? lc 3.0? thank you... or i must buy private cheat to play faceit with anticheat? Thank you guys.
  4. Edwin

    2k Players Banned on Faceit yesterday

    https://www.faceit/en/stats ^ Look at that spike lmfao. Two of my friends who had a private (aimbot only) from a coder he found on some random private discord, got banned and is pretty pissed :troll: They were bragging about how they have a Faceit Bypass for much cheaper than Jimster’s...
  5. amnez1k

    lc bypass

    hello guys . does lc bypass this ac?
  6. M


    guys the cheat supported faceit with client
  7. Kennedy

    Help pls

    Hello! Who can tell how to bypass ban on faceIT?
  8. T

    Faceit Status

    Hey there, I've been looking for something that can go on Faceit servers and wanted to confirm that the FaceIt bypass is working before buying
  9. W

    Faceit Announcement?

    I've been a long time customer, and I am waiting for the Faceit bypass to be released. Will there be some sort of announcement? I don't plan on buying a sub until the bypass is released, so I am not able to see the discussion about the Faceit thread. Any information is helpful, thanks.
  10. Z

    Faceit Client

    Good day, tell me the favor, at the moment the cheat works and bypasses the Faceit client, the first time I want to buy I do not know what and how. thanks for the early help
  11. Virus1x

    Progress Update

    I figured it's been awhile since we said anything and wanted to relay where we currently stood in development. Jimster has been working tirelessly to make sure we pushed out the best updates for our time spent and we thank everyone for bearing with us and supporting us through this. Currently as...
  12. s0yi

    a question for the csgo cheat

    Hi, what's the difference with league and non league?
  13. Elyysian

    Comeback to LC

    Hey guys, I had a lot of stuff going on in the university and now i finished the hard stuff and can play again. I would really love to play on EAC with LC. But as far as I know its only for beta access users? I think I got the requirements for the beta since i used LC for atleast half a year and...
  14. E

    Non-league cheats

    can i bypass faceit anticheat with non-league cheats?? Or it need to be the League CheatS?
  15. Dowiie

    where is the bypass?

    Waited over 12 months on the faceit bypass, was subbed for 4 months and always kept saying it will come soon. Whats the update on it?
  16. S

    where i can play

    Hay Guys) I am new person in this project) If I buy this cheat, where i can play? Esl and faceit, CEVO and gfinity ?
  17. A


    First question is can i play in if i can send me link which to buy , ThankYou
  18. T

    GamersClub Update - disponível agora para compra

    Hey all, GamersClub update is out! You can use our newest bypass with League Multi CS:GO subscription. More details how to use it -> WIKI. Support thread (everything related to this bypass) -> VIP What else has been changed? -New pre-registration questions added -Terms and Rules updated...
  19. kukids

    Faceit AC / Faceit

    Hey, When im buying non league multihack it secured Facit? When im buying it now and in 3 days the faceit ac bypass is released is it in non-league and i can directly use it ? Btw sry for my bad english, i hope you understand me ^^
  20. mins13

    private build

    Someone tell me where to buy private build for ESEA Budget 1300eu