1. S


    I was wondering could you go one game without getting banned on esea using league multi without any visuals?
  2. Kyle62

    Counter Strike Is Weird

  3. Singularity

    Almost 30 Days LC

    Hello Everyone, so i just get the Simple Version of LC since i only want "WH" for Pracc. so first of all i wanna say "thank you" to "LC" to provide a "Safe" Cheat as far as it is. 1. - I used the Cheat on 2 of my Smurfs, both are Global with Steam Guard , i did couple of things, so...
  4. rlxa

    New Member

    Hi everyone So I'm very interested in buying LC and i just wanted to know how long has it been undetected, has it ever gotten detected? I've been looking at this cheat for quite sometime now and everyone seems nice here, nice community, nice cheat. I got banned a while ago but kinda recently...
  5. darbak

    About ESL Wire

    I have a quick question about wire. Is UD all the time? Maybe I shoot on 1v1
  6. struggles

    Very honest review after around 2years

    Dear LC community, After almost two years I decided to write a testimonial for you guys in order to share my experiences with leaguecheats with you. Many of you will not even recognize me or have never seen me on the forum, nevertheless I would ask you kindly to read my story and respect my...
  7. A

    Does work at esea?

    is it working?
  8. Y

    Vac ban??

    So i used this cheat like 2 months ago..logged in to a smurf showing vac ban 4 days ago??
  9. K

    Delete the full cheat?

    Hi guys! One years ago i used LeagueCheat non-leauge version on CSGO, so its installed on my PC. But i want to delete it permanently, because im afraid to be banned from FACEIT and ESEA. How can i delete every part of it? Or should i re-install the widnows? I just cant find the main libary of...
  10. Artemi

    Faceit memories with LC vs PRO Players

    vs "wenton" 16-12 de_cache vs "ScreaM" 16-8 de_overpass Want to win a PRO? Buy League Cheats :D :D gl & hf
  11. Guilford

    Mirage Gameplay (GePrime/MM)

    Testing Tox Fullbot with 800 DPI and 3.0 sens!
  12. abbetappe

    It’s been 10 months since u said faceit cheat will be out

    are u serious? I come back from cheating break and u still haven’t released it? Not even beta? Like what the actual fuck.. and ToX said he would quit if it wasnt out before August, what is taking so much time?
  13. gecko1337

    Until when its possible to get banned backdated

    Hey guys, i wanted to ask you that question because you guys have more experience then me. Until when its possible to get banned backdated ? So like before i used LC i used some other providers that are going one bye one detected and so i am affraid of losing my "main" account. But the time...
  14. Xuniku

    Can I get banned with this stats =D

  15. Lucas R

    The demon in my head/wallet

    I have been accompanying LC for some time ... And with this support to GC AC, I have the desire to buy it. But a doubt came to me. If, by chance, GamersClub upgrades your AntiCheat, (happens regularly), what assurances do I have that I will not be banned / detected?
  16. tomato

    Bone8 Madness

  17. V

    Requirements for beta access

    As the title says, what's the requirements for beta access? Thanks for reading. EDIT: Why does it say that I'm a newbie lmao
  18. S

    [PL] kupno cheata

    Czesc, chcialem sie dowiedziec jakie kryteria trzeba spelnic, zeby dostac beta testera, mialem kiedys LC ~rok temu, wiec pamietam mniej wiecej jak sie cfg robilo, aktywowalo itd. Gdzie ud jest lc na non league wersji i gdzie ud na league wersji?