1. Joao Pacheco

    Change my country on Faceit

    Hey guys... Do you know can i change my country flag on Faceit?! Or do i need to play 1 game on the country i am currently for it to chang automtically? I already contacted support and waiting for an answer
  2. pcstekje


    Hi guys i am new here and thinking of give it a try of 1 month never used any cheat for csgo but for some reason i want to try it as i already now lc faceit ac not supported atm so is this working on mm prime matches ore not and if there are some people that can help me setting this up that wil...
  3. E

    got banned on gc, what should i do?

    i already formatted my pc, changed hwid, changed ip, what else can i do? im getting banned when creating new account, never entered my old account
  4. rtgames1

    My review (4 months)

    It is undoubtedly the best cheat, before I used h*xui, I lost more than 6 accounts with it, but with the LC I never had a problem, I already dropped in OW several times, but it's quite legit;) Rank: Global Aimbot: 1000/10 WH: 100000/10 ESP: 10000/10 MENU: 10/10 TRIGGERBOT: I do not use it but...
  5. gwdavie

    Linking my account

    I recently repurchased LC and am currently waiting for activation but have a question. Do I need to link my account again or because I did that a few months ago do I just wait for activation?
  6. panzer


    I'm working on some new arts and this came up :p will do more adjusts @ToX some more mods to come on this day, and @Jimster480 meme wall tooo :p lol, i find it fun. at least they got too nice memes :p JIMS 4K tox on 4K H4X0R L33T CREW (this is very dangerous wall, it broken my windows...
  7. F

    EAC and FaceIT

    It's work on easyantycheat or faceit non premium and gfinity ?
  8. Andre Oliveira

    Any new features we can use on gamers club servers

    I would like to know if it can already be used inside the servers of the gamers club, I would like to buy to be able to play inside the servers ... already released, already tested in gamers club, some news
  9. navysonar

    No news after 5 days

    I purchase Multi cheat on monday , send a support ticket after 48h on Wednesday got told to wait for jim, its now been 5 days. I understand that jim must be busy , but what is going on ? how long will I have to wait ?
  10. U

    seeking advice and small intro

    Hello guys, I am a soon-to-be costumer of lc and I was wondering what would the best aimbot feature for me, hopefully some of you can advice me wisely. I am already a good player, i have played against semi and pro teams and i played well, i have knowledge of the game, and i play at lv10 on...
  11. knox.ini

    Link auth account

    Sorry if someone already post about it, but i do not get how i'm supposed to link my forum account with my auth account to receive vip... when i go to link All that i receive is Invalid username or password. i already change the pass of my account and still can't link... i'm doing something...
  12. A

    Undetected on faceit?

    Hey can i use this cheat on faceit?
  13. T

    We are popular now! LC meets Steam Community

  14. N


    How to know if you are already activated or no? I just purchased for $25 around 4 hours ago and where do we download the hack?
  15. E


    Is gamersclub supported? If no, when it will be released the supported version?
  16. D

    Still not activated

    Hi there! I already created 2 support tickets (there is important information from me) and didnt got a request while 24 hours till i bought a cheat has gone. Still waiting for activation :)
  17. dyziaqq

    After purchase questions.

    Hi im, new in a LC community. I have just bought this soft, by paymentwall cuz i cant add my credit card on paypal :c And my questions is where and when can i download this, Is here polish support which may help, explain options on TS [UD on faceit]
  18. Br0nZy

    FaceIT error .. please help?

    hello guys Whenever i try to add game 'CSGO', after " verifying information, this could take up to 60 seconds " .. then i get this error: An error occured during game registration, please contact Support if the problem persists ". I already contacted Support, i tried to use another browser...