1. Michelle

    Skin farm pvpro

    is 2.5 safe to use on ?
  2. Get_Right

    bad review

    hi, few days ago i bough lc and my experience isn't good. my pc is low end and doesnt work fine with this cheat, i call support and make ticket for try fix this but doesnt work. my money isnt for free... i work for.. so this cheat doesnt work very well on my pc and i try refound friendly and i...
  3. P

    Hi. I like very much this cheat and community. :) I can play on Thanks!
  4. B

    sent the last beta to faceit

    while u guys prob know the last beta that I wasn't allowed lol I sent to faceit which cause the "client detected" and now they saying it will be ready in summer. I will continue to send LC to faceit support team they are accepting my convos as of now and sending any user information on this...
  5. D

    About cheating on LAN

    I saw here that Admins can help with setup to cheat on LAN. I have a tournament in July and I want to cheat there. This information about admins helping in setup cheat on Lan is true? Cheers.
  6. Aaron

    LC's too smooth goddamn

    Had 3 admins spectating me with 5 super 3 smooth only bone 8 and not one of them could even see I was cheating despite having 4 people rush and me HS all of them. Jesus Christ.
  7. $nowii

    ez faceit with lc

    this was a level 8 faceit game was not even warmed up
  8. P

    And again.... leaguecheat > faceit

  9. Jaaz

    Detection Rates

    What are the detection rates of this cheat, Like is it gonna be like 6 months, then vac? Or if this is not the case, when was the last player banned?. And was using this cheat?
  10. X

    payment method

    so i wondered if i could buy this cheat direct from my visa card or do i have 2 pay with PSC?
  11. E


    May i know does leaguecheats support LAN Leagues using client SoStronk? If yes, is the cheat HWID locked? Cause if HWID how am i suppose to use it on LAN since its a different pc from my home's?