LC VS Interpaste


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Mar 22, 2016
Intermad kid lost legit hvh
RIP for him cuz he is overwatched atm xd

#Edit it's my smurf obviously I'm not silver xd
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Haha, you just lost your bet. Edit it fast, so no one will see haha.

He's playing against silvers. As long as I can remember, He's using 1.5 below.
My bet was only viable if he was playing with decent ranks (LEM + ) :D
i love it when i faceit legit hackers as long as they dont spin its so fun but when they start to spin i give up :D
i use interpaste on the past, did the guy spin when he was loosing?

cause the only way u can win with interpaste its spinning against legit hackers lol ... at least with me worked like that XP ...



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were u deranking on the time elwin ? lol XD

cause ive tryed and never was able to derank :(
my lowest rank was eagle