1. H

    CSGO League ESP

    Our Visuals only cheat designed for basic league use.
  2. G

    I wanna buy r8 now, but does it work on my pc?

    Hi, I'm currently on windows version 1703, windows 10. Since I have problem with getting my pc updated (tried everything) I have stopped trying to update and now im on version 1703. Will it work? what is the requirement for the csgo cheat to work?
  3. VAULT1909

    Q about faceit ban evasion

    So I got banned from faceit for cheating, thing is is that I'm pretty sure I was manually banned. Afaik the criteria for ban evasion on faceit having being caught by the AC is: New IP New cookies New steam account Fresh windows install. However, do these only apply if you were banned by the AC...
  4. K

    Windows Defender

    Does the cheat automatically get removed by Windows Defender in Windows 10? What about Windows SmartScreen? If so, for LAN purposes, is there a way to prevent this via a script or some sort of automation?
  5. stfn


    Hello, Can someone help me with spoofing like HWID and all that. I watched Videos all that shit but dont get it. If i reset my computer will there be new HWID and all or do i need still to spoof?!
  6. VAULT1909

    Faceit ban evasion..

    I've been playing faceit without ac for a while, after ofc being banned on my old. I connect to my public wifi outside on both my laptop and PC and find matches on my laptop, then copy the connect link into my CS. All seems good so far. Is ban evasion more tricky with the AC enabled or is it...
  7. F

    Cant get my aimbot to work =/

    Sooo my aimbot isnt working D= and i have windows 10 and rawinput 0 =( why?!?!
  8. D

    rawimput 0 windows 10

    Ok, So I got the windows 10 creators update so that means that m_rawimput 0 in csgo works really bad. And my windows.old is deleted so do I have any else choise than just reinstall a fresh copy of windows? Because since my windows.old is deleted I cant go back to a earlier build but is it...
  9. R

    Windows 10

    do you have to be the lastest version of windows for the cheat to work?
  10. KKUkUr2017

    League version

    Does it work on MM and also with Windows 7 ? cause i read windows 7 for this LC3.0 version which is coming out is not working
  11. O W L

    Question before purchase

    Hello. Do I need to update Windows? And the second question: can I play now with this cheat on facet without client anti-cheat. I apologize for my clumsy English. Ty. Google Translate xD
  12. abbetappe

    Information about my try to bypass faceit client ban

    Hello! I will try to bypass my ban on faceit client, I will post below how it goes. Right now I changed : MAC Adress HWID IP with : AirVPN Now I will go and play FACEIT with the client without cheats, let's see if I get banned for cheating. UPDATE : 3 games no ban, I think we're good...
  13. R

    1 question before i buy LC

    can i get banned if i using other cheats and i using LC ex: im using unityhacks before and i change now to LC can i got banned for that? THANKS!
  14. T

    What's up with LC? Latest news, proofings for FaceIT,EAC and more! [UPDATED]

    Hello everyone, As you might know in the past few weeks our team were testing new bypasses for FaceIT and EAC (including similar EAC like AC's). All tests successfully passed without single ban. Okay ToX, let's get to the point when it will be released because we are waiting. We can't release it...
  15. 3n1gm4

    Difficulty to set up

    Hi, I've read a lot of good about this cheat but have heard that it is somewhat difficult to set up, or at least time consuming. I understand I of course won't get any access to documentation without a subscription, but what I would like to ensure is that it is possible (or at least not that...
  16. $nowii

    so i used vacware on this acc 2 month ago

    i used vacware 2 month ago is their any risk i get banned at the vacwave?
  17. Miniglikes

    Win 10

    The cheat is working on windows 10 ?
  18. kanske

    Windows 10 alt + tab black screen without cheat

    I switched from 16:9 1920x1080 to 4:3 1280x960 in csgo and now i can't alt + tab just get black screen, anybody else have this issues ? Sometimes even when i close csgo i get black screen, only thing i can do is to hit reset button on pc. It seems that it can't switch from 4:3 to 16:9 native...
  19. G

    Presale question - half life 1 cheats

    Im willing to buy the hl 1 package, is it work well on windows 10? Is it EAC (EASYANTUCHEAT) PROOF? AND VAC PROOF ALSO? THANKS.
  20. T

    Question about CS cheat

    I see that the CS 1..6 cheat covers all goldsrc games (cs,tfc,dod,etc.). But does the aimbout and recoil system work on day of defeat? Not source but dod 1.3 steam.