1. G

    I wanna buy r8 now, but does it work on my pc?

    Hi, I'm currently on windows version 1703, windows 10. Since I have problem with getting my pc updated (tried everything) I have stopped trying to update and now im on version 1703. Will it work? what is the requirement for the csgo cheat to work?
  2. K

    Windows Defender

    Does the cheat automatically get removed by Windows Defender in Windows 10? What about Windows SmartScreen? If so, for LAN purposes, is there a way to prevent this via a script or some sort of automation?
  3. R

    Windows 10

    do you have to be the lastest version of windows for the cheat to work?
  4. KKUkUr2017

    League version

    Does it work on MM and also with Windows 7 ? cause i read windows 7 for this LC3.0 version which is coming out is not working
  5. O W L

    Question before purchase

    Hello. Do I need to update Windows? And the second question: can I play now with this cheat on facet without client anti-cheat. I apologize for my clumsy English. Ty. Google Translate xD
  6. R

    1 question before i buy LC

    can i get banned if i using other cheats and i using LC ex: im using unityhacks before and i change now to LC can i got banned for that? THANKS!
  7. T

    What's up with LC? Latest news, proofings for FaceIT,EAC and more! [UPDATED]

    Hello everyone, As you might know in the past few weeks our team were testing new bypasses for FaceIT and EAC (including similar EAC like AC's). All tests successfully passed without single ban. Okay ToX, let's get to the point when it will be released because we are waiting. We can't release it...
  8. 3n1gm4

    Difficulty to set up

    Hi, I've read a lot of good about this cheat but have heard that it is somewhat difficult to set up, or at least time consuming. I understand I of course won't get any access to documentation without a subscription, but what I would like to ensure is that it is possible (or at least not that...
  9. Miniglikes

    Win 10

    The cheat is working on windows 10 ?
  10. G

    Presale question - half life 1 cheats

    Im willing to buy the hl 1 package, is it work well on windows 10? Is it EAC (EASYANTUCHEAT) PROOF? AND VAC PROOF ALSO? THANKS.
  11. T

    Question about CS cheat

    I see that the CS 1..6 cheat covers all goldsrc games (cs,tfc,dod,etc.). But does the aimbout and recoil system work on day of defeat? Not source but dod 1.3 steam.
  12. B

    about cs 1.6 cheats

    i want to ask, when the cheats start to bypass the eac and if the cheats support on windows 10