1. H

    CSGO League ESP

    Our Visuals only cheat designed for basic league use.
  2. G

    I wanna buy r8 now, but does it work on my pc?

    Hi, I'm currently on windows version 1703, windows 10. Since I have problem with getting my pc updated (tried everything) I have stopped trying to update and now im on version 1703. Will it work? what is the requirement for the csgo cheat to work?
  3. Dexter Morgan


    Hey guys, faceit client etc. Uses HWID afaik, what hardware do you track? I heard primarily SSD/HDD, but is it only your main drive with windows installed, or every HDD and SSD in your computer? Sent from my ONEPLUS A5010 using Tapatalk
  4. VAULT1909

    Q about faceit ban evasion

    So I got banned from faceit for cheating, thing is is that I'm pretty sure I was manually banned. Afaik the criteria for ban evasion on faceit having being caught by the AC is: New IP New cookies New steam account Fresh windows install. However, do these only apply if you were banned by the AC...
  5. Xuniku

    How to disable Windows Defender on win 10 home ?

    I tried searching on the google , but what I get is rip wallet for antivirus ;( or upgrade win pro ; 9
  6. K

    Windows Defender

    Does the cheat automatically get removed by Windows Defender in Windows 10? What about Windows SmartScreen? If so, for LAN purposes, is there a way to prevent this via a script or some sort of automation?
  7. stfn


    Hello, Can someone help me with spoofing like HWID and all that. I watched Videos all that shit but dont get it. If i reset my computer will there be new HWID and all or do i need still to spoof?!
  8. VAULT1909

    Faceit ban evasion..

    I've been playing faceit without ac for a while, after ofc being banned on my old. I connect to my public wifi outside on both my laptop and PC and find matches on my laptop, then copy the connect link into my CS. All seems good so far. Is ban evasion more tricky with the AC enabled or is it...
  9. kent5k

    Mouse problem

    With raw input 0, (needed for aimbot) When moving the mouse very slowly, it stops , or barely moves . like reverse mouse acceleration. any1 know a fix?
  10. F

    Cant get my aimbot to work =/

    Sooo my aimbot isnt working D= and i have windows 10 and rawinput 0 =( why?!?!
  11. D

    rawimput 0 windows 10

    Ok, So I got the windows 10 creators update so that means that m_rawimput 0 in csgo works really bad. And my windows.old is deleted so do I have any else choise than just reinstall a fresh copy of windows? Because since my windows.old is deleted I cant go back to a earlier build but is it...
  12. Pollete

    Why when I go to the windows desk (cs and hack open), he will not let me in again

    Why when I go to the windows desk (cs and hack open), he will not let me in again.
  13. thegame

    Windows 7

    WIN 7 64 bit ISO download any links ?
  14. R

    Windows 10

    do you have to be the lastest version of windows for the cheat to work?
  15. Markus Dahl

    Mouse problems

    Hello, this thread is not cheat related, but i thought some of the geeks in here could shine some light on this for me. So recently(approx 4-5 weeks ago) I felt like my mouse wasnt responding correctly, but i tried to ignore it. By the end of this week, I noticed that i had some sort of...
  16. KKUkUr2017

    League version

    Does it work on MM and also with Windows 7 ? cause i read windows 7 for this LC3.0 version which is coming out is not working
  17. chimichangas

    I really need a PC expert

    So, I need ".Net Framework 3.5 (including .NET 2.0 and 3.0)" When i try to install it I get: Error code: x800F0906 I`ve tryed to watch some youtube vids without luck at all.
  18. S

    HDD Question

    So I went to my local Micro Center and picked up a WD 1 TB Black Edition HDD and when I went to format it I could only have about 931 GBs on it even with nothing installed. For anyone here who has also installed their own HDD does it not allow them to have exactly one TB?
  19. Dadinho23

    FPS drop

    After I reinstall my Windows, I'm getting fps drop in CS:GO, I normally play with 160/200 fps, now Im playing with 100-60 and sometimes it goes to 30-40, what can it be?
  20. Dadinho23

    Best Antivirus

    I'm using the Kaspersky and it's about to end my subscription. What do you guys recomend?