1. rlxa

    New Member

    Hi everyone So I'm very interested in buying LC and i just wanted to know how long has it been undetected, has it ever gotten detected? I've been looking at this cheat for quite sometime now and everyone seems nice here, nice community, nice cheat. I got banned a while ago but kinda recently...
  2. S


    Hi everyone, I'm thinking about buying the cheat I wanted to ask if there is after I buy the cheat a premium section with peoples config's
  3. K

    Where can i Play?

    Where i can find an Anit-Cheat Status of the non Private Beta. I mean, since April i hear Release soon but where is the Current Cheat UD ? Multi League Build
  4. B

    nearly 2 years review

    dont buy this cheat terrible staff terrible hack only good thing is they undetected, but only leagues it bypasses are none, not cevo not faceit AC, not anything its a 35 dollar matchmaking hack and the staff lies about when they will release the FACEIT AC. month after month they will come up...
  5. C

    I know faceit and ESEA still updating but how about CEVO

    Just wanna know if CEVO supported ATM or not =[
  6. K

    Websites where can i win $$

    Hey :P Do u guys know websites where can i win $$ and where can i play with LC? Like pvpro kickback etc.
  7. alchenda

    Alchenda's thick testimonial

    Hello, I haven't been a part of the community for very long but I felt like after due time and the experiences I have had, I thought it would be in my interest to make a testimonial post. Support: 10/10 There's support everywhere. I received support before buying and after buying. Everything is...
  8. K


    Does the aimbot work like an usual aimbot where the program does the work itself or i can drag and spray control normally like without the cheat?
  9. B

    Aimkey Assistance

    Hi, i was wondering if someone can help me figure out how to get the settings to get it to where i can Press Alt which would then flick to the enemy and lock on, or is that not possible? i dont want to rely on the hack to much to where i lose my raw aim
  10. Y

    STATUS for LeagueCheat plz

  11. Kuso

    I Don't Really Know?

    I've bought cheats and I've clicked the confirmation link, do I know wait? For someone to PM me? I don't get the separate username and password where do we use that? Quit new to this :(
  12. M

    Non league Multi cs go

    Hello, i have just bought it, few questions after acces, on forum could i find all settup for playing?(configs) Non league multi- where it works? only mm, or faceit also?