1. Ar1stotle


    Hey fam.. My sub ran out and I'm wondering if I should buy now or if there is gonna be a new year sale. Can't remember if there was one last year or not.
  2. M


    Co ma takiego ten cheat ze jest tak duzo drozszy od konkurencji? Np u waldka jest po 30 zl a tu za 130
  3. chimichangas

    My story with LC

    I`ve heard that my story can make some people cry, so be ready with some paperBibleThump I started playing csgo when I was a kid(I am only 16 years old so I`m still a kid, yes I know) I was never the popular kid in school, and I got bullied alot. People looked at me as the wierd guy, there...
  4. jonasuouo

    League or non-league

    Around one year ago I reached LEM. I was extremely bored playing CS:GO. Since I was decent at the game I started hacking. Sounds very dumb but at that point I didn't care anymore. I downloaded Poodin Poppin's subtle aimbot and played with low fov. It's a hack that was public for years and was...
  5. BFZ

    After feeling 1 month sub.

    This is my truely feeling about this tools (I don't use a word like hack,cheat,els.),cuz it's a really "REALLY" power is you can control to fit and perfect with your play style,This is a tools for professional,cuz it's have a solve a value to understand with your self. And...