1. Jimster480

    LeagueCheats CSGO Cheat Update 10/10/18

    Hey all, Just updated the cheats to fix any issues with the new CSGO versions released last night. These versions broke the Armor ESP with Heavy/Helmet/Scoped Detection as well as Aimbot Scoped detection and flash reduction/removal. These new versions today fix all the above issues. Please use...
  2. kraeuterjunge


    There are some amazing shots. Short edit by a german youtuber/twitch streamer. Well, and some nice LC power ...
  3. meninodaartic


    These are my settings, I've been using it about 2- 3 months, still not banned... I'm using at MM, FaceIT and LAN. I belive that these settings are the most strongest in the 1FOV category and 100% legit. Goodbye OW! Resolution: 1024x768 (stretched) DPI: 800 Sensitivity: 2.00
  4. panzer


    After three months researching for league hacks, ive found only scams and people who cant code :p ive talked with a lot of coders, and no one can code a league hack on this days..... or u can pay 15K to get banned XD YEAH, WE ARE BETTING EVERY PROVIDER proofs?
  5. KKUkUr2017

    Pro configs page dissapear?

    Hey i am blind or i cant found anymore the page where io could pay Tox Virus and some other guys to make me a config for cheat?" Prices were 30-90$ if i remember but i cant find them anymore :/
  6. deniskaon

    League Cheats - BETA MOVIE

  7. albanerendk

    What newcomers can expect from LeagueCheats - The Best Public Cheat

    These are all clips recorded in real-time using GeForce Experience, so expect these kills to look a lot more legit on demos. Hopefully people can see what it looks like to have your config in place! :)
  8. T

    5 more configs inc | AWP mouse1 | Aggressive AK RCS for MM | Mouse1 rifle FaceIT | Dope SMG settings

    1. AWP mouse1 2. AK for MM 3. Deag for FaceIT 4. FaceIT rifle settings 5. Dope SMG Vote, rate and subscribe KappaDansGame
  9. Virus1x

    Need a good video maker.

    I want someone to help me build frag videos for my configs and your videos will be here on LC. I'm accepting applications now. Perks will be you get lifetime to all my configs and 24 hours of pro lessons at no cost. This is a labor of love not a paid gig. Apply below or send me a pm. Please...
  10. J

    My PC Dosen't Run As It Should?

    These are my specs. I would assume I would get more than 140 fps consistently which is what I get in cs although it bounces around a bit. I have made an assumption it could be my PSU. I had this problem with my 980 ti but apparently the card was faulty. I purchased a new one but I still have...
  11. A

    Looking for Private Rust cheats (aimbot or ESP)

    I find it very hard to get any good undetectable rust cheat these days, so looking for some connections to a private / semi-private source to purchase some. Ty in advance, hope I am posting in the right spot.
  12. mins13

    Crazy Settings:D

    Legit? I think that it is incriminating settings The one who asked him to make these settings. Said they were super Spray control+flickshot Мulticore - on
  13. kanske

    And again some rage plebs :D

    This was the third game in a row that i played against ragers :D No trigger just legit settings
  14. F

    Questions before buying CSGO Hack

    can i use esp on eac with any of these package? if can, which? CSGO ESP/WH LEAGUE or CSGO MULTI LEAGUE