1. J

    One of LC competitors just drop their prices.

    Seems like they're getting pretty desperate. Their lowest price is $5. Honestly dont know who in their right mind would think spending $5 on a cheat is worth it.
  2. Fedda

    Esea vs faceit

    I read on unknowncheat that there was this high ranked guy that said that faceit anti cheat is better than esea. Is it? Why is esea more expensive then? Funny discuession.
  3. Fedda

    Steam Support

    Damn looks like steam dosen't read their tickets. So big company, but so slow...
  4. fmr

    Coldzera IGL

    I just saw this post: I think their cheat is not working anymore haha. Kidding. With the addition of Stewie2K, it just hurts them a little bit(non brazillian). It will still take time to get their level...
  5. fmr

  6. Averageplayer

    car lovers

    I don't have a lot of knowledge when it comes to cars but what do you guys think about this beast? I think that I fell in love haha
  7. JackBaits

    My thoughts so far on LC #2

    So far almost after 2 whole months, it has been literally amazing. This cheat is a god. I say it also has helped me improve a lot on my spray control (Though it does help a bit in controlling it), headshotting more frequently (Before w/o cheats it was rare for me to headshot if it wasn't an SMG...
  8. VAULT1909


    I know that people on this forum tend to talk smack about other cheat providers, but has anyone here ever heard of / played with ProGamingCheats / pgc? They're a pretty unknown P2C as far as I'm aware and it's owned by this german coder called l0wd. They claim to have ESEA support, can't...
  9. Z

    ESEA type of question.

    Now i got this friend that asked me to play ESEA with him and if i turn him down he might think i'm hiding something so let's say i delete the cheats off pc and download ESEA client would i get vacced? like are there traces (i had the hacks on my C drive/only drive i got) (and i did inject...
  10. VAULT1909

    What do you guys think of plat?

    Plat are releasing a new update, with faceit AC support, for only $15 a month but with limited slots available, what do you guys think of plat, any past exp??
  11. xl3loodx

    Black Squad Beta

    Hey guys, today is the official beta release of Black Squad, a free to play FPS like BlackShot, S.K.I.L.L, Crossfire, Alliance of Valiant Arms bla bla bla. You can still get keys from their stream and other sites like MMORPG or their twitter |...
  12. S


    Hello i am new one.. If i buy cheat i can play faceit?
  13. B

    lmao are people really dumb enough to fall for this?

    okay so on another forum which i wont list they promise a PUBG hack all u have to do is send in an "application" of the following: - Must be 18 years of age. - Picture of yourself holding either photo identification or Passport next to a Utility bill with forum account username attached...
  14. spy0x

    Some questions about aimbots.

    Hello, I know that LC using 2d aimbot without 3d fov (u can trick it with close fov, but U need good experience in Lc settings). I know that paltinum scam using 3d aimbot (I saw different frag movies about this cheats). I read Jimsters comments about copy-pasting source code of their hack. Can U...
  15. Virus1x

    LeagueCheats bounty program.

    Hey All, Time for another amazing announcement from LeagueCheats Staff, Recently we saw an Influx of sharing of accounts & attempts to sell ones account. These are both against our T.o.S and usually result in immediate termination of the account/subscription and permanent blacklisting from our...
  16. $nowii

    so i used vacware on this acc 2 month ago

    i used vacware 2 month ago is their any risk i get banned at the vacwave?
  17. VladimirPutin

    PerfectVac deceted

  18. Virus1x

    League Cheats bounty program.

    Hey all once again we always strive to be the best and offer the best, With the recent announcement of the FaceIt anti-cheat anyone who happens to get it before it releases it and submits it to us we will give you three months of any desired cheat for free. not a bad deal eh? :) If you got the...
  19. jazzo

    Team Secret Juliano

    i'm pretty sure she's using LC or a Jimster private with that sexy smooth aim :D 10/10 im not even fucking trolling i'm watching Selfess vs Secret Female League and omg she's on the gear boys :D
  20. S

    how cheat menu looks

    how does the cheat menu looks and how do i edit stuff on it and how to i use someone else cheat configs from someone else on forum