1. S

    Tomorrow is 1 year since faceit client

    hey guys, Tomorrow it will be 1 year since the faceit client has been launched, and it will also be almost 1 year since we were promised that LC would support faceit. I have few friends that bought LC because they thought that the support was coming, and they now feel like they got scammed...
  2. Get_Right

    the suspect

    when u dont know how to use cheat (trigger mainly) at 9:16
  3. J

    Price Question

    Why is this cheat so much more expensive than every other one if it doesn't include faceit AC or esea????
  4. djmazi

    Do you ever play worse with cheats?

    Hi everybody Do you ever feel that you sometimes play worse than you would without cheats? It could be in scenarios where you e.g. is afraid of getting commented on or reported. I haven't tried League Cheats yet only other cheats, but I have in some scenarios felt that i played worse than i...
  5. R

    EAC proof

    Hi, I was wondering if when it's released will it have EAC bypass?
  6. Fazehaze1

    Whats going on

    Whats going on i havent hear nothin from jim or recived a email its been over a week
  7. S

    Possible trial for few euro?

    Hi, Is it possible to get a trial subsciption for let's say 3 days for a few euro's? If so, who should I contact? With much regards,