1. realjitter

    New User Testimonial

    I've had LC for about 2 weeks now, enough time for me to understand the features and how to use the cheat. I have been cheating for about 2.5 years in csgo with different cheats, and I have heard of LC from virus1x(ty bro for the great cheat recommendation :D). Ever since I've wanted it but...
  2. Hantoszi55

    [9 Months Review][PL]Leaguecheats>All

    Dzień dobry, cześć i czołem, Praktycznie nie widuje już tutaj recenzji po polsku, ale pozwoliłem sobie napisać ją w swoim ojczystym języku, bo pamiętam jak na początku sam najbardziej byłem ciekaw tych co miały w temacie "[PL]" ale nvm zaczynajmy...
  3. 4DHERo

    Thoughts On LC :)

    Iv been with league cheats for almost a year now, iv been with countless other cheat providers a*mw*re, unity, x22, in*uria, Platinum, etc :( getting Vac after Vac I decided to look either for a private hack or a really good one which I hadn't found at that point. I was looking for a private...