1. mathinos

    New year!

    Happy new year to all !!!!!!
  2. H

    LC spoofer

    Where can I find this or any other solution?
  3. X


    how long till i get my vip?
  4. J

    My PC Dosen't Run As It Should?

    These are my specs. I would assume I would get more than 140 fps consistently which is what I get in cs although it bounces around a bit. I have made an assumption it could be my PSU. I had this problem with my 980 ti but apparently the card was faulty. I purchased a new one but I still have...
  5. thegame


    Hello Anyone knows how to get a bot on SILKROAD ONLINE ?
  6. LC1337

    I got trolled hard by

    Hey guys, a friend randomly check my profile and he said that he saw a VAC ban on my profile. And when he refresh it, the message dissapear. I would like to know if it was a bug or if that mean that i'm going to get VAC in some days .. Thanks guys BibleThump
  7. M

    Working on GC anti cheat ?

    Hello guys, i wanna know if the cheat is detectable at Gamers Club ? here https://gamersclub.com.br/
  8. alchenda

    PC to run arma?

    Hey, thought I'd reach out to you all for an affordable PC build that is able to run Arma at stable 30-60 frames in multiplayer. I know 60 frames in a multiplayer server is a lot to ask for hence the 30-60 range. thanks
  9. cutiecat

    Audio Fuzz/crackling when recording

    Hey guys, I was just wondering how I could reduce audio fuzz/crackling while recording, My headset is the Logitech g230 if thats helps thanks :D
  10. Jimster480

    Happy New year's!

    Happy New Year's to everyone wishing everybody a great 2017! Sent from my HTC 10 on Sprint
  11. Run2Die

    First Month LC Review

    Gotta say at first I was confused as hell on how to use LC but after some time on forums. The one thing that stands out from LC from PerfectAim which is my last subscription was the support time is nuts people instantly helping people no questions asked 10/10
  12. wowow23

    EAC estimated time?

    around what month do you guys think EAC support will be released? (jan, feb, march, stuff, etc) atm im saving money up for whenever that is so i can resub >:DDD
  13. Jimster480

    CSGO Cheat Update 10/13/16

    Hey all, The cheats have been updated for the new update today! All new structure changes have been compensated for. Please download a new build from the Login Updater! The new builds are on the build server as of right now!!!
  14. K

    advanced cheat setup

    Hello! I am new to the cheating scene and had tested out 2 other cheat providers but I realized tthat they were shit. I have spended much time to configure aimbot on these cheats and are a bit tired of it. Can I just buy the cheat and the advanced cheat setup and you guys wi'll configure a...
  15. M

    Anger Problems

    Guys I have anger problems and they're really annoying me. Whenever someone does bad in a game I just start screaming and yelling and we will just lose the game :( What do I do, I thought about smoking but I doubt It will help me ;(
  16. K

    Cheats in mouse/keyboard

    If somebody needs :v
  17. Imoxus

    Just a question.

    I know this is pre sale, but I just wanted to quickly ask, I just bought the hack, how long is it before i get an email with the hack or something like that?
  18. T

    Gamers Club

    It is compatible with the Brazilian league , GamersClub , which uses AC Anticheat , made in Ring0 ? Edit: Yes it does, Submit a ticket https://leaguecheats.com/support-tickets/open?open=1 To purchase!
  19. T

    PayPal hosted buttons fixed!

    Hello everyone, @Jimster480 fixed PayPal buttons. You can use it right now by using this link: https://leaguecheats.com/wiki/csgo-payment-option-page/ More news about EAC proofings & League Multi release coming soon. Stay tuned ;)
  20. Jimster480

    Auth system downtime

    Hey all, The auth system will have a bit of downtime as we upgrade server versions. We expect everything will be back up within 25 minutes. Thanks!