1. Resolved

    When I use Mouse 5 aimbot

    Edit: Apparently the whole enemy team found out my yt mid game and said they liked my vods 2:01
  2. Guilford

    [Supreme/Global] Ace with Glock

  3. Resolved

    How Subroza Really Plays Csgo

    Just a little edit I made today for my channel as a sort of introduction to my knife cheating series but more as a joke/meme parody of the video "Subroza movie". Hopefully nobody hates it too much :p
  4. Edwin

    Smurfing in Silver

  5. Guilford

    My ace with awp in Cache!

  6. Resolved

    LC 2 aces with ToX V3

    Some lazy frag edit using the new ToX V3 Credits to: ToX for the config and ENM for the music Ps: stop watching at 2:12 Click the subscribe button if you want more content with actual effort to editing Subscribe also for more content!!! Btw: 128 tick vids commin soon. Just sorting some shit out...
  7. Edwin

    Can my laptop act as an external monitor?

    Hello guys, I currently have an "MSI GT73VR 7RF TITAN PRO" gaming laptop (Spoiler contains detailed spec for this laptop) and I'm planning on buying an "MSI GL62M 7RDX 1868" laptop (spoiler contains sellers' link and specs) I was wondering if the second laptop could be turned into a secondary...
  8. tomato

    Small Settings Showcase (Lan&Streaming)

    Hey guys, after a few weeks of work and testings, I am somewhat confident with my config to showcase some weapons. This config is targeted towards Lan & Streaming Gameplay. Please note that recording with OBS (NVENC) makes the game somewhat microstuttery, which might make some moments look not...
  9. takeless

    use ESP with out faceit anit risk ?

    use ESP with out faceit anit ban ?
  10. VAULT1909

    CEVO support :|

    Wasnt sure where to post this, but im honestly not too sure atm. So, on AC status, it says CEVO and gfinity are "under maintenance", does that mean they're completely unsupported, or not completely supported? Cause I messaged jimster, and he said this: [/IMG] [/spoiler] So, if i buy LC league...
  11. meninodaartic

    How To 1TAP FaceIt

    Sorry for the bad quality vídeo, I'm just lazy xD
  12. H

    k1ck rmn vac banned

    https://steamcommunity/id/undertheknife https://www.hltv.org/player/2241/rmn lets start discussion, who wil be next ? xD from his twitter but in profile vac, not gameban
  13. Xiuston2

    Quickie ace on de_dust2

    Evening, or night. I usually don't play de_dust2, but I did tonight. Heres the result. Btw, before you comment on my insane silver flash :)rolleyes:), it actualy flashed two guys. @ToX theres skins in this one bud. Enjoy :D
  14. Aaron

    2FOV Deag on native res(1920x1080)

    Res: 1920 x 1080 Sens: 2.4, 2.6 or 2.9. I think in this it was 2.4 though. DPI: 400 Key: 5 This isn't the best, I'll admit, I'm ill as shit and haven't played much the past 2 weeks ( Recent Activity 42.1 hours past 2 weeks) I tested this as best I could on 128tick by renting a Server and...
  15. kanske

    Usp 4k 1taps

  16. djmazi

    Questions before i purchase

    Hi I played CS:GO for the first time last weekend, but before that i used to play a lot of CS 1.6 back in the days. Now i have read good about your hack in this forum but i do however, have a few questions. 1. I usually play on internet cafes or when i am at friends (1-2 days a week) will this...
  17. panzer

    New LC WALLPAPPER black label

  18. JECKY1

    LC is safety, so I have a knife))

    I used to be afraid to play with inventory, but I realized that it's very safe, even doing prefire as I'm on the demo, I'm confident in my settings) hahaha but do not think that I always play like this, this is an isolated case, look to the quality of 1080p, So I wrote down on my phone))...
  19. norbimc


    Update that came out 21.03.2017 provides cheating on faceit and eac? If so, you can play on the challengme on the tournaments with eac and faceit without problems? [Pytanie dla polskich użytkowników] Trudno skonfigurować program żeby działał jak polski czit csh extrental waldka?
  20. K

    HL1 Cs 1.6 antiscreen not working 16 USD

    Cs 1.6 antiscreen not working 16 USD I'd rather use the cheat for 2 $ per month Aim does not work ESp does not work F10 F9 crashed the games