1. C

    How much its the normal time to get cheat ?

    Just cirious what is the normal time after purchase to get the cheat i know that its max 24 hours but i mean the normal expect time ?
  2. Y

    Hi, do I have to wait after purchasing?

    Do I have to wait after purchasing? Cuz theres several forums checking ID cards or something. I'm wondering if i can use it directly after purchase of cheat.
  3. ernestlim05

    configs and stuff? confusing!!!!

    umm... so leaguecheats has a bunch of numbers and shit... anyway can someone tell me how to customize my config ???! confusing aF is there a tutorial or something for this to teach u about LC? also is there a skin changer? im too used to using inte*w*bz that i dont know how to use LC...
  4. J

    EAC Support

    Is the League Version supporting EAC right now? I found some threads in which you say Yes and some No. Please help
  5. R

    thinking of purchasing again but one question first

    I have already purchased this cheat once before and thought it was very high quality, thinking of purchasing again to play on mm but as I play esea reguarly i would like to know what precautions to take when playing esea before i purchase for the second time. Just to clarify i have no...
  6. C

    Is the hack upgradeable?

    For example, if I purchase the ESP/WH combo, but wanted to upgrade to the full package is this possible or would I have to re-purchase. (only asking as I made an error whilst purchasing.)
  7. H

    resub another edition

    hello i have one question, im used a nonleague version and buy through account upgrade, if im order a league version will be fine?
  8. L

    how safe

    how safe is the cheat to use on mains? I asked the same question on a*mw*re and they said its very safe, but i know they have many vacs. Can you guys give me honest opinion?
  9. S


    Hello everyone. I have a problem.. I want to buy this cheat with PayPal, but i cant complete purchase because i dont have bank card. I have only 23eur in my paypal account. Someone maybe know how to purchase without bank card? this happens because i have 23eur in my paypal, but lc requires...
  10. E

    Quick Question?

    I am purchasing the non-league mulit when i get back from vacation this weekend. Once i purchase it (through paypal) do i go link my account right after i purchase it then wait the 12 hours. Also what password/email/username do i use when logging into the cheat once i have downloaded it. Do i...
  11. A

    I received the email but I can't download the hack?

    Hi there! I received the email but Jimster but I do not have permission to view the instructions nor download the hack. Does this mean I am not activated even though i have received the email? Thanks!
  12. BFZ®

    I have some question before I purchase.

    1.At username password box. I must make a new one or same with this user? 2.My stream acc is banned from faceit before and what i can do?or buy a new cs:go key with new stream acc. 3. active cheat staff is he online now? Thank you. oh sorry may be Q.2 i'm ask not clear,I not a vac ban but I...
  13. S

    Bought premium and never received it

    I asked my friend who was an admin at hyperaim if i could get a discount on premium so he said for 25$ i would get it for 3 months so i paid him 25$ on paypal then he gave me his username and password for his account and when i went to start up the cheats it says sub expired. :cry:  (Im sure...
  14. T

    Leaguecheats Accepting skins for CS:GO!

    We are now accepting high only grade CS:GO skins. You need to overpay the cheat value by 50-60% in skin value. If you have questions PM @ToX.
  15. Jimster480

    Post-Purchase Cheat Setup Times [ Cheat Activation ]

    Cheat Purchases are setup by me. VIP's are also usually setup by me. Most purchases are set-up the same day of purchase. Unless bought overnight, in which case they will be set-up when I wake up. Activation process can take up to 24 hours to receive your VIP status on the forums and access to...