1. daniels44

    [Off-Topic] Forced to use Faceit AC 0 games?

    I have created a fresh acc on fct, never happened before, but 0 games played on fct, acc created 2min ago and its asking for use of anti cheat? 0 reports. Did faceit force everyone to use ac now or?
  2. G

    I wanna buy r8 now, but does it work on my pc?

    Hi, I'm currently on windows version 1703, windows 10. Since I have problem with getting my pc updated (tried everything) I have stopped trying to update and now im on version 1703. Will it work? what is the requirement for the csgo cheat to work?
  3. xans

    Country Restriction

    What does actually a high-risk or country we see a lot of disputes or fraud stands for? A country or server with a high percentage of cheaters and bans? Or does that verification is more about the ip provided itself? I know that it's used ip verification to prevent users to bypass the cheat...
  4. Joao Pacheco

    My review after 3 months

    Warning This review had no influence or was paid to be made by any LC staff member! It's only composed by my own opinion and ONLY my opinion! I will divide my review in 3 parts: -Introduction -Security -quality of the product Introduction On a Wednesday I was peacefully browsing on chroome...
  5. Filipe

    support ticket Help ?

    I tried to submit a new ticked and doesnt work. how i will report my problem to be fixed ?
  6. Dowiie

    Linux cheating

    Hi, have a question about Linux. Linux have no vac system, so why not use Linux when they cheat? Is Aimbot and the other functions worse on Linux? Always wounder that, never tried.
  7. M

    Working on GC anti cheat ?

    Hello guys, i wanna know if the cheat is detectable at Gamers Club ? here
  8. R

    Cant open hack

    Hey, I cant open the hack, when i press the shortcut at it says '' waiting to progam,click ok'' but i cant open the hack in game?
  9. L

    What now?

    I've just purchased the league cheat, now i'm wondering what do I do. Sorry if this is posted elsewhere!
  10. S

    Possible Trial?

    Hi, i am really want to buy this cheat. I have no problem to pay 35 USD per month. The only thing i am worry about is i can't use the cheat after i purchase and waste my money. Hopefully i can have an hour trial to let me make sure i can run the cheat without crash. Because i just bought Unity...
  11. X


    If I take LEAGUE CHEATS MULTI NON LEAGUE, I will be able to play on Lan?
  12. D

    Questions Regarding GO:League

    Hello, cheat looks promising, tried a lot of p2c, private slots on d3 ect, how powerful is this aimbot exactly, can it be both one taps and spraydowns? RCS: Is this standalone? Or is it with the aimbot so only works when Aim key is toggled. Will be looking to buy around xmas time but just had...